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Super Bowl : Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski will again Apprear for the big game. Unfortunately their Ad will T-Mobile will not.


Super Bowl is a significant show, and the commercials are a big part of it. Over the years, fans have seen Super Bowl commercials turn into a cultural phenomenon. With an average cost of $5.6 million, the Super Bowl in 2020 has efficiently grasped the value a brand gets after securing a spot in a highly anticipated line-up of commercials.

This Friday morning T-Mobile released an ad on the Today Show. The company was saving it for 100 million TV viewers of the Super Bowl on Sunday. But Mike Sievert, who is the CEO, tweeted and said that the commercial got “BANNED.” T-Mobile is the brand name used by the mobile communications subsidiaries of the German telecommunications company, Deutsche Telekom AG. Putting out a news release, they gave a clue as to why it happened. 

“Even after edits, it still got banned because of the ‘protected rights deal’ with the NFL’s ‘official telco sponsor.’” company stated.

Super Bowl Commercial Rivals

Verizon and the NFL have a contract together. A $2.5 billion league sponsorship deal made Verizon the Official 5G Innovation Partner of the NFL. Their obvious target is to use Super Bowl to hype its own 5G offerings. In order to upgrade Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium, Verizon also made further investments. This will now give the spectators present at the venue, access to Verizon’s high-speed network and watch any of seven camera angles on their mobile devices.

For the past eight years, fans have seen T-Mobile advertisements during the Super Bowl. Company clearly knows how to think, curate a relatable narrative. They always check all boxes which are needed to make a good Super Bowl commercial. Stars such as Justin Bieber, Drake, Snoop Dogg, and more have been seen pitching the T-Mobile services. 

This year’s 60-second spot included Tom Brady [from past], contemplating his future following the end of his long run with the New England Patriots. Gronkowski, who was his teammate in New England for 10 seasons, talks to him about retirement.

It is a clever ad, both players joking about how they ended up together in Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Take a look:

NFL and its big sponsor — and T-Mobile rival — Verizon must have found this threatening. That’s the way T-Mobile sees it.

“So, watch and decide for yourself … what does the ‘official telco sponsor’ not want you to see?” was the caption on their YouTube video post. 

Historically, these two brands have had public feuds during the previous Super Bowl year. Verizon calling out competitors in advertising and social posts for what it considers inferior service. T-mobile’s CEO criticizing the limited range of Verizon’s 5G through a blog post. They are always trying to win customers.

The friendship fans adore

Yet again, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are going to fight for the Super Bowl title. They have won three Super Bowls with New England Patriots together. This pair might procure another title. They will be taking on the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday in the big game. After defeating the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay entered the Super Bowl for the second time after 2003. Former New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady has won six Super Bowl titles in total. Gronkowski has won three on the other hand. 

Announcing that he was leaving the team for Florida in March 2020. Brady shocked New England sports fans after a two-decade run with the team. Releasing a statement “FOREVER A PATRIOT”.  He added:

“To all my teammates, coaches, executives and staff, Coach [Bill] Belichick, [owner Robert Kraft] and the Kraft family and the entire organization, I want to say thank you for the past twenty years of my life and the daily commitment to winning and creating a winning culture built on great values”

Before coming back, Gronkowski announced his departure from the league in March 2019. 

“It all started at 20 years old on stage at the NFL draft when my dream came true, and now here I am about to turn 30 in a few months with a decision I feel is the biggest of my life so far. I will be retiring from the game of football today,” his Instagram post said.

Rob Gronkowski came out of retirement in April 2020. After his trade to the Buccaneers, tight-end is now reunited with his old Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. They will be putting up a good show. Just like how they did on the commercial. Subsequently, T-Mobile has two other fully approved sixty-second ads that will air on Sunday. 

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