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“Stephen Curry is my favorite player to watch” say Hall of Famers Shaq and D-Wade

It is truly a joy to watch Stephen Curry play at the moment. The way he handles the ball and the perfect releases is a treat to the eyes. Last season, he played only five games owing to the broken arm injury he had. However, this season he has been simply exceptional.

Curry’s body language seems fine, he has no niggles on his body and can play freely. Even his stats are almost identical to the ones we saw in his unanimous MVP season. In the last nine games, Steph has shot 105 3-pointers and has made 52% of them. That is unbelievable by any standards. And that is precisely what Curry seems to do at the moment, making the impossible feel effortless.

Shaq and Dwyane Wade are all praises for Curry

Stephen Curry’s coach Steve Kerr recently said, “Steph has never played better“. that is heavy praise from the three-time championship-winning coach. In the game against the San Antonio Spurs today, Curry amassed 32 points and 2 assists. Helping his team win 114-91 as they avenged their defeat on Tuesday against the same opposition.

Stephen Curry goes for a three pointer

Stephen Curry has been in phenomenal form this season.

Speaking about this game, Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade said, “He’s my favorite to watch playing basketball at the moment”. Former Laker Shaquille O’Neal also shared his opinion, “He reminds of a young Chris Jackson. Great handle, quick shot, quick release… all those things. The only difference between both of them is that you got to see that from Chris Jackson for only two years and Stephen Curry has been doing it for 10 seasons.”

Stephen Curry for MVP?

With the kind of season that Curry’s having, it is logical for anyone to assume that he will win the MVP award this year. However, according to Dwyane Wade, “It’s going to be hard for him to win this year when you have LeBron doing what he’s doing at the Lakers, Kevin Durant doing what he’s doing at the Brooklyn Nets. He’s playing at an MVP level, there’s no question about that.”

Shaq said. “Me and Charles (Barkley) are old-school, we used to think that you’re not going to win championships just by shooting threes, but then Golden State Warriors and more importantly Stephen Curry shut us up. I’ve never seen a guy play like that.”

It is presumably going to be a two-horse race between LeBron James and Stephen Curry this season, judging by the performances they both have been putting. The MVP award is not given on individual displays alone, so Stephen Curry will have to take his team into the playoffs if not into the Finals itself.

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