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“Only 10 clubs can Afford to buy Erling Haaland ” Raiola’s Past Statement turned Erling’s true fate in England

"Only 10 clubs can Afford to buy Erling Haaland " Raiola's Past Statement turned Erling's true fate in England
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Erling Haaland has found himself in the headlines again, as many clubs wish to recruit him. Haaland is an up-and-coming star in the world of football. Thus Superstar agent Mino Raiola spoke on the interest clubs have in his Norwegian client. For a young player like Haaland to catch the attention of Raiola, he would have to be amazing in terms of skills for his club.

It is because Erling Haaland has met the Italian agent’s criteria that led to his recruitment of the Norwegian as his client. In an interview on March 31st, 2021, he said, “There are only a handful (ten) of clubs who can afford Haaland. Of these interested parties, four clubs are from England.”

During the interview, Raiola did not disclose who those clubs were. However, an ardent follower of football would understand the teams that Raiola is hinting to. These teams are Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Liverpool. They are all in dire need of a striker in the mold of Erling Haaland. The robust finances that they possess them, contenders, for the young striker from Borussia Dortmund.

Four clubs, one Haaland: It is just a question of who wants him more

Haaland has made himself a household name in Europe during the past year. Since joining Dortmund, he has recorded forty-nine goals and eleven assists in forty-nine appearances overall.

This record is what has made him a target for Premier League clubs mentioned above. They all need a ruthless goalscorer, some more than others, and the fight for Haaland will be vicious.

Erling Haaland of Norway (Photo by Filip Filipovic/Getty Images)

Erling Haaland of Norway (Photo by Filip Filipovic/Getty Images)

The clubs interested in Haaland and his necessity for their club (ranked):

1. Manchester City- City recently announced the imminent departure of Sergio Aguero, and with his exit, a constant source of goals also disappears. In Haaland, they will gain back what they will eventually lose. His goalscoring skills will make the Citizens a more formidable force than they are now. Though the Sky Blues can afford the Norwegian, they do not need him much as Kevin De Bruyne has worked well as a false nine.

Ranking: 5/10

2. Chelsea: Following the arrival of Thomas Tuchel have reemerged as title contenders and are very dangerous in the Champions League. Though Tuchel has almost everything at his disposal, there is a lacking of a reliable goalscorer. During the past few games, they have been counting on Olivier Giroud, Mount, and Jorginho, but they can just rely upon him to score goals with Erling’s entry.

Ranking: 8/10

3. Manchester United and Liverpool: Just as their rivalry in the Premier League, their need for a striker is a mutual thirst that both giants need to quench. Thus, they both have decided to battle it out to conclude who would offer Erling Haaland a better future. Of the two, Manchester United seems to be a better choice for the Norwegian. As he wants Champions League football and the Red Devils can offer that to him and more.

Ranking: 10/10

However, Haaland does not have the time to lose focus over transfers as the Champions League Quarterfinals are approaching.

Erling Haaland will face Manchester City in the UCL Q/F

Premier League match between Manchester City and Liverpool (Photo by Martin Rickett - Pool/Getty Images)

Premier League match between Manchester City and Liverpool (Photo by Martin Rickett – Pool/Getty Images)

Haaland can use the Q/F fixture on April 7th 2021 to show Pep Guardiola what he can expect at City if the move does take place. He can also play a teaser for the Sky Blues fans and remind them of his goalscoring prowess.

Therefore, City will rue losing Aguero and make Haaland a priority in the next transfer window despite the struggle they will face to recruit him.

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