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Mason Greenwood “always wanted to be a striker” for Manchester United

Mason Greenwood wants to be the striker for Manchester United.

Mason Greenwood captured the limelight for his brilliant debut season in 2019/20, but he is struggling to do so in this season. However, he is expected to be a big name and the future central striker of Manchester United ahead of Rashford.

Who is Mason Greenwood?

The 19-years-old started his career in the senior team of Manchester United in season 2019/20. Subsequently, Greenwood scored ten goals and five assists from 51 appearances in the last season.

Further, he was labeled as the youngest ever goalscorer in European championships from The Red Devils.

His performance in the club awarded him a chance to play for the England national team. However, he got ejected from his national squad for violating quarantine guidelines for the COVID-19 in Iceland.

Mason Greenwood plays for the England national team.

Mason Greenwood plays for the England national team.

What does Greenwood want?

The Briton mentioned his desire to play in the number nine jersey. Greenwood started as a midfielder during his academy days but gradually started playing in the center forward. The young footballer made his most appearances as a red winger in the senior squad. However, he is often used as a second striker for the team.

But Greenwood is happy to play in right but also wants to play as a central striker for the team. Greenwood said, “I’m happy to play on the right, I’m happy to play upfront, I’m not really sure.

“But I always wanted to be a striker when I was younger.

“I’ve also been a winger in the youth team and in the academy, I’ve been between both of them.”

He also mentioned that he needs to bulk out a bit to be apt for the number nine position. He said, “I would like to play up front eventually when I’m older, fill out a bit more and get bigger and stronger.

“The center-halves are always big and strong at the back, it’s a place where I want to play.”

What everyone got to say about the young player?

The former Manchester United player Clayton Blackmore got impressed by the young talent and mentioned he is great and he can grow further. Blackmore added, “He’s great on the ball and very good with both feet. He’s the first person I’ve seen that takes penalties and free-kicks with his wrong foot.

“I’ve never come across anyone like that! He’s got a great chance.”

The Manchester United boss, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer praised the Briton during the pre-season tour in 2019. He praised him as a natural talent for the sport, and his ability to play with both his feet makes him an impressive addition to the team.

Gunnar also said, “He can play all of the front-three positions, or across the front four, as he can play number 10, number seven, number 11, and number nine.

He’s a natural footballer with his left foot coming in, but he’s got two feet and can play anywhere along the front.”

Former Red Devil star Paul Scholes believes Greenwood should be the number nine before his fellow teammate Rashford. The 23-year-old Marcus Rashford appeared as a striker for the first time during the match against Real Sociedad on 18 February 2021. The match was in the favour of Man United with a score of 4-0.

Scholes said, “I think the club and everybody think Greenwood is the best finisher at the club therefore he would be better as the No 9.

Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford from Manchester United.

Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford from Manchester United.

“The only problem is when Rashford’s played on the right he hasn’t really found his best form so they could switch around quite a bit.”

The Former United player also added, “Give Greenwood chances he will score. He is destined to be a superstar. He’s got to keep his feet on the ground, keep working hard, and there’s nothing to stop him.”

What can we expect from Greenwood?

We can expect Greenwood to become one of the best players in the world in the future. He might become the main attack force for the Red Devils. He can end up as the central striker instead of his teammate Rashford.

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