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Liverpool “Could Take Advantage” if They Stop Playing Internationally Claims Team Boss Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool "could take advantage" if stop playing Internationally claims team boss Jurgen Klopp
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Jurgen Klopp cannot help himself from smiling, thinking of the clear-cut advantage that Liverpool would have next season. The lack of tournaments they take part in would help them focus on the Premier League. In turn, Klopp believes that the sixth position that Liverpool finds themselves in could be a blessing in disguise.

During the 2019-20 EPL season Jurgen Klopp had won the Premier League. He was ineffective in recreating the same effect at the Kop in the current season due to specific issues that befell his defense. The team crowned as the champions of England has not been up-to-the-mark. Hence, they find themselves out of the Champions League qualification spots.

Jurgen Klopp has inspired his team to a crucial win in the Premier League that saw them rise to their current position on the points table. On March 16th, 2021, Klopp’s Liverpool beat Wolves at the Molineux Stadium by a one-nil margin. Thereby, they reaffirmed their intention to fight for a spot in the top four of the EPL table.

Furthermore in an interview on March 18th 2021, he said, “the lack of games in internationally would help us to focus on domestic concerns (EPL). The moment we are rested and training time is handed to us in abundance then we become very dangerous.”

However, despite the win against Wolves and his team’s enthusiasm for Champions League football, Klopp feels the contrary. In an interview, he said, “there are many teams who have redefined themselves, and that leaves our chances for the top spots limited.Β I am, in general, an optimist, but with the place that we are in the league, it is impossible to gain CL qualification.”

Liverpool’s shocking season in the EPL summarized

At the start of the current season against Leeds United, the Merseyside Reds gifted Jurgen Klopp a win. Since then, they have recorded thirteen wins, seven draws, and nine losses. Their season went into a spiral after losing consecutively at the beginning of February. The constant losses and injuries to Virgil Van Djik, Joe Gomez, and Joel Matip signaled The Reds’ impending doom.


The ever-reliable forward trio of Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane, and Mohammed Salah contributed to Klopp’s season’s failure by firing blanks in their fixtures. The trio recorded forty-four goal contributions in eighty-one appearances this season. This record was relatively minor compared to the seventy-one goal contributions in a hundred and seven appearances last season. The drastic change is due to their ineffectiveness in scoring goals, thus contributing to Klopp’s inability to win games.

These are the least of Jurgen Klopp’s problems this season as a lack of Champions League could hinder any plans for a rebuild at the Anfield.

Jurgen Klopp needs to address the financial complications that come with lack of CL Football


Jurgen Klopp knows that the lack of UCL games could mean that there will be financial constraints for the Anfield side. In an interview, he said, “without Champions League, we will incur a massive financial loss. When that happens, I would be the one at whom the finger is pointed at. It is the reality of the situation, and I am ready to face the consequences.”

The comments made by the fifty-three-year-old German would cause concern for the Kopites as it would suggest that he has given up on winning the Champions League this season. However, Liverpool’s season is not over yet. They are just five points away from fourth-placed Chelsea, and they can leap over them with a couple more wins

Therefore, Klopp needs to try and do as much as possible to conclude the current season in the highest position that he can reach. Liverpool still has the fight in them and Jurgen Klopp can push them to win more games this season in the EPL and UCL.

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