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Lionel Messi might “Stay or leave” questioning on Barcelona coach crisis in speaking of Cup Wins

Lionel Messi has voiced his concerns about the lack of trophies in the Barcelona cabinet in the current season. Subsequently, the Argentine wizard is pushing for a move out of Camp Nou should things not change. Consequently, Barcelona is working around-the-clock to keep their number one star from abandoning them.

Therefore, Barca is bringing in reinforcements to tie their golden goose down and keep him well-fed (with trophies) and always ready for action.

For that reason, they are conducting elections to elect a new President for their club. One of the candidates who may take control over the Catalan giants is Joan Laporta. Laporta is a former President at the Camp Nou and an admirer of Lionel Messi.

In an interview on March 7th, 2021, he agreed to Messi’s concern and said, “He is not wrong in wanting more titles. For us (Barcelona) to see him smile and back to his old jovial self, we have to be back to our very best. Barcelona has to win back-to-back titles in every tournament that comes our way.”


Messi will only be happy if Barcelona will become title winners again

The fifty-eight-year-old Spanish entrepreneur was the head of Barcelona when Leo had just broken through to the first-team on October 16th, 2004. The Spaniard was astonished by the skills exhibited by the seventeen-year-old midfielder. He has seen the rise of Messi over the years. Also, he saw the influence that current Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola had with Messi.

Messi never wanted to leave Barcelona

Moreover, Messi has always reiterated his desire to remain with the Blaugrana. The only time Leo discussed the possibility of leaving Barca was during a discussion when he was asked about his retirement plan from Barcelona. To this, the Argentine said that he wishes to retire at his former club in Argentina, Newells Old Boys.

Lionel Messi is thirty-three-years-old and he has a few years left to play in the Spanish League. He cannot hope to achieve his dream of winning titles at the national level with his home country, Argentina. Hence, he wants to accomplish that goal at Barcelona and build a bigger legacy for himself with his accolades, before he retires.

Lionel Messi will take a call on Barcelona future next weekend


Messi is looking forward to a reunion with Pep

Barcelona is on thin ice and they could fall in if Messi does not get what he wants.

The Barcelona superstar will decide on his future within a week. So far, he has not seen enough from Barcelona or new coach, Ronald Koeman to opt for a stay at his boyhood club.

Should the Argentine leave Camp Nou, teams across the world will open doors to usher a G.O.A.T player like him into their stadiums.

Although, Messi would most likely sign up with Manchester City for one of two reasons. The first reason is to reunite with his favorite manager Pep and the second is to play alongside his best friend Sergio Aguero.

Messi’s decision is a great concern for Barcelona, because without him, what does the future look like for the Catalonians?.

Barca still have Antoine Greizmann and Ousmane Dembele. Messi’s exit could grant them the freedom to play their own game. Thus growing in stature to become legends at Barcelona.


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