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Leon Osman suggests that “Southampton should be fearful about Sheffield United” following relegation fears for the saints

Leon Osman
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Former Everton midfielder Leon Osman was delighted with the victory acquired by his former team against Southampton on March 2nd, 2021. 

Following the victory, the former English international expressed his concern for the Saints. In an interview on March 2nd, 2021 he said, “Southampton faces Sheffield United next, and it will be a tough game for them. The Blades should be feared by Ralph Hasselnutti (the Southampton manager) if they wish to win.”

Sheffield United will face Southampton at Bramall Lane on March 6th, 2020.

Leon Osman

Osman advises Saints to be fearful of Sheffield United

Leon Osman has faced the saints thirteen times and recorded six coups, two losses, and five draws in his sixteen years (2000-2016) at Everton.

At the same time, Leon Osman has encountered the Blades just three times during his tenure with the Toffees. During which he has won two times and drawn once.

Southampton currently sits at the seventh position on the league table, and coincidentally they are just seven points away from the relegation zone. The last time the Saints had been relegated was on May 15th, 2005, after the 2004-05 English Premier League conclusion.

Osman is aware of the danger that Sheffield United possesses

Sheffield United

Osman watched on as Sheffield beat Everton by 2-0 on September 21st, 2019

Leon Osman witnessed Sheffield United’s victory over Everton (2-0) in the Premier League on January 25th, 2020. Subsequently, it was the first time he saw his team lose to the Blades in such a horrific manner.

Sheffield United had won courtesy of an Everton own goal and another scored by their striker Lyss Mousset. In light of the victory, the Blades had instilled fear into the mind of the thirty-nine-year-old former English midfielder.

His former experiences with Sheffield United may not have been impressive since his team always possessed the upper hand. But, Leon Osman is wary of the danger that Sheffield United possesses. Therefore his realization prompts him to reveal this matter to managers (Ralph Hasselnutti) who will face the Blades in battle.

Sheffield boss Chris Wilder has a penchant for motivating his players into securing memorable wins against teams in the Premier League. The Blades are at the bottom of the table. Consequently, their only wish is to play every game to win and refuse others the chance to be joyful.

However, Osman’s opinion cannot be constituted as there are no facts to prove it as accurate. Sheffield has been soundly beaten on numerous occasions by Southampton after their return to the Premier League on August 9th, 2019.

The Blades have faced the Saints thrice and have suffered three consecutive defeats (two at home and one away)


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