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Jose Gomes reveals Micheal Olise “can do things that most players cannot do” pointing at his future in the Premier League

Micheal Olise
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Micheal Olise is a rising star in Reading F.C’s youth ranks and has exhibited his talents to scouts sent from clubs in all parts of Europe.

Jose Gomes, in particular, is impressed by the youngster’s skills. Gomes is the former assistant manager at FC Porto and the Ex-manager of Reading. In the year 2019, before he departed for Maritimo on November 14th, 2019, he witnessed Micheal Olise’s performance, and he was astonished by the skills of the young Frenchman.

In an interview, Gomes expressed his opinion on Micheal Olise, saying, “The best thing about his ability is that he can do something in the most challenging situations on the field, which others cannot replicate on the training field. It is impossible to not feel joy when you watch him play his game. His technical abilities are so good that people who hear about it would come to witness just that. “

Micheal Olise

Gomes says Olise can do things that other players cannot replicate even at the training grounds

Micheal Olise (nine) has proven his skills as a player at the Championship level and is only Norwich’s Emiliano Buendia (ten) regarding assists and chances created. 

Nevertheless, the nineteen-year-old winger is not just influential in assisting, but he has scored a few memorable goals. He is only five goals behind Buendia, and the winger can progress further in his role.

Michael Morrison: Micheal Olise has evolved his style, and now he plays at a different level

Micheal Morrison

Morrison says Oilise has evolved into a better player

On February 27th, 2021, Reading played against Rotherham and won by a one-nil margin. The only goal scored was by Micheal Morrison at the twenty-sixth minute, winning the game for The Royals.

However, Morrison did not want to take all credit for the victory and praised his team-mate Micheal Olise who provided him with the crucial pass that granted him the chance to score the goal.

Subsequently, in an interview, Morrison said, “Olise has become more mobile, and his playing style has evolved to a higher level. He is a lot more consistent now, and that has helped him in becoming a key part of our (Reading) team.”

After signing a professional contract with Reading FC, Olise has been playing a lot more for the first-team, making thirty-four appearances. Furthermore, there are teams in the Premier League who are impressed with his profile and feel that he is the exact type of player they need.

Micheal Olise is an exceptionally talented player, and he will make a move to the Premier League soon and shine there as well.

Nonetheless, Reading has been appreciative of the talent that the Frenchman exhibits. Hence, they have granted him the space that he needs, to grow further. The smallest of errors from Olise in the Premier League can cause him harm in the long run. Others like him, have moved to the next level, been branded as flops by the media, and therefore have led themselves to ruin.


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