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“He looked like he was suffering” Klopp mentions as he reasons his decision to take Salah out early

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Trailing one-nil away at Anfield, Salah was called out of the field by Jurgen Klopp. Following his exit, Liverpool lost one of the legs on their attack tripod and did not score an equalizer. Thus, the Merseyside reds dashed their top-four dreams. 

The Liverpool manager questioned his decision to substitute Salah over Firmino and Mane. To this, the German did not provide a proper reply.

In an interview on March 5th, he said, “I felt Salah was suffering and did not want to risk his injury. Hence I felt his need to come off the field was dire. I understand now that taking out Mane or Firmino would have been a smarter move.”

Mo Salah

Salah suffered an injury

Salah began the Premier League season with a bang and has scored seventeen goals in twenty-six appearances so far. However, the Egyptian international was quiet for a long time following the drop in his team’s quality. Subsequently, the twenty-year-old winger was ineffective after the Premier league had restarted, following the COVID-19 scare. In his first game after the quarantine break, Mo faced his Merseyside rival Everton at Goodison Park on June 21st, 2020. The Liverpool wing wizard could not make his usual impact. The derby thus concluded as a draw.

Following the game against Everton, Salah faced his next challenge in Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. Mo went into the match with the brilliance he possessed, but other than a few shots on the Man City post, he could not score a goal for the Reds. The Citizens took advantage of Salah’s weakness and routed Liverpool in a four-nil demolition game.

Salah will not leave Liverpool despite being unhappy over recent losses


Salah will not leave Liverpool

Talks have been circulating at Anfield that Mo Salah could move elsewhere, with many European clubs looking to sign him. 

Liverpool’s recent failures in the Premier League are the sole reason behind the origination of the talks. Jurgen Klopp is confident that his star player will not abandon the Merseyside club. Following that, Salah has revealed his intention to remain with the Reds, despite their lacking.

Salah was instrumental alongside Mane in securing a two-nil victory over RB Leipzig in the Champions League knockout stages on February 17th, 2021. The goals would grant Liverpool an away goal advantage when hosting Leipzig at Anfield on March 11th, 2021.

Salah and Liverpool have maintained a strong position in the Champions League. Hence, they will be hoping for another international competition title to ease the pain from their Premier League wounds. 


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