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“Everton had everything , but liverpool didn’t”-Martin Keown sees flaw in Liverpool lineups

Martin Keown

Martin Keown believes that Liverpool has made a big mistake in their loss against Everton on February 21st, 2021. The former Arsenal man in an interview with the Liverpool Echo on February 21st, 2021, said that, “The game was overwhelming with Everton having the advantage and Liverpool having none. Moise Kean pressured Sadio Mane and rendered him useless through his brilliance.”

Martin Keown feels that there are areas in the Liverpool lineup that has to be addressed. Subsequently, the fifty-four-old ex-footballer praised Everton players and their resolve in securing a win against the Reds.

Furthermore, in his interview with the Liverpool Echo, he said, “They accomplished their task through efficiency and aggressiveness.” Also, he praised Carlo Ancelotti, “Ancelotti knows how to utilize his players very well.”

Martin Keown

Keown says that Everton gave their all to destroy a weak Liverpool side

Martin Keown is an admirer of Liverpool and has praised their players after they performed at the level befitting their club’s status. Moreover, Martin Keown mentioned to reporters that “Liverpool stars Virgil Van Djik and Joe Gomez are exceptional players”, on December 30th, 2019.

Nonetheless, Martin Keown has urged Jurgen Klopp to be prepared. Also, former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy further stressed the point made by Martin Keown. Furthermore, he said, “Liverpool’s victory against RB Leipzig on the weekend showed their confidence. But the defeat against Everton deflated them. They have a lot to do make up for their errors.”, while speaking to the Liverpool Echo.

Martin Keown praises ‘world class’ player Mohammed Salah

Mo Salah

Keown says Salah is a world class player

The fifty-four-old English international had only praises when talking about Liverpool winger Mohammed Salah. His adulations for the Egyptian international came after the Liverpool forward had regained his form after a slight slump. Moreover, in his role as a pundit for Talk Sport, Keown said, “Salah is showing his worth as a world-class player again.”

The former English defender further admitted that he was spending a lot of time discussing the twenty-eight-year.

Keown believes that Salah is the right player to lead Liverpool. As long as the current team can keep up with him and his form.

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