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Boris Johnson announces intention for “hosting many more matches” as UK bid 2.8 million pounds to host the 2030 World Cup

2030 FIFA World Cup
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The 2030 World cup bids have been presented, and Boris Johnson, the prime minister of Britain, will make a donation of 2.8 million pounds.

Subsequently, after the bid was made, Johnson said in an interview with the Guardian on March 2nd, 2021, “We are looking to other matches as well in England. In the year 2030, England will host all the matches and make it a precedent.”

The funding for the bid will be taken from Northern Ireland, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

Moreover, many nations are being presented with the opportunity to secure the chance of hosting such a glorious event in their country. The bids are being collected from interested countries,  in hopes of selecting a suitable location for the FIFA World Cup 2030 .

Johnson further stated that, “England is the home of football, so it makes sense for us to host the biggest football event ever. There is no better time than this. The event will spectacular for Britain as a nation.”

Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Johnson says that England is the home of football. So it makes sense for us to bid for the chance to host the 2030 World Cup

Britain will be rivalled in their hunt for the 2030 World Cup hosting rights

Consequently, Britain will be rivaled for the bid by Spain and Portugal. However, there are nations from Latin America who will place their own bids. The countries that have shown their interest in hosting the 2030 World Cup are Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Chile.

Furthermore, China would also like to host a big event (after the 2008 Beijing Olympics).  Should there be a change in the rules for FIFA allowing nations from the Asian Confederation to part in the bid, China could be granted an opportunity. This would be an issue considering that a country in the Asian Confederation (Qatar) is hosting the 2022 World Cup.

The Football Association is ecstatic about the bid that Britain will make

The FA is overjoyed at the prospect of a World Cup brought to them by their Prime Minister. Furthermore, the prospect that it could bring to the 2030 World Cup delights them.

They issued a statement to the press highlighting the benefits that Johnson’s decision could have on the nation as well. The statement issued on March 2nd, 2021 said that, “The decision taken by the government to host a major event like the FIFA World Cup could grant tangible opportunities for the nation.”


The FA announces their delight for the chance at hosting the 2030 World Cup

The FA further clarified their stand on the decision by saying, “If a decision has been declared, we as an organization will stand behind the government. We will promote our proposals as hosts to the vast football community.”

They have shown their undying support for the decision made by their Prime Minister. Consequently, if Johnson honors his decision to hold more events in England, the FA will provide him with support.


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