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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta assures West Ham is “in the right direction” with the team manager David Moyes

Mikel Arteta

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta is quite impressed with the Hammers boss David Moyes’ impact this season. West Ham is one of the teams to beat and is in contention for European football next year. Thus there’s no surprise that the Spaniard gives credit to his former boss for shaping things up.

Arteta played more than 200 games for Moyes when the 57-year-old signed him during his time at Everton. He knows Moyes inside and out and that insight may work wonders when Arsenal takes on West Ham on Sunday.

Speaking about West Ham’s success in the ongoing season, the 38-year-old said, “The team is looking really solid and strong and as well with some real quality when they have time to play and when they are attacking the opponent”.

The Gunners’ boss also went on to say that he believes that the Hammers are in the right direction and a Champions League spot is very achievable. “It would be an incredible step. They are not too far off achieving that, there are still a lot of games to play but they are in the right direction”.

Mikel Arteta shares that he still maintains a special relationship with his first PL coach

Arteta often spoke about his relationship with Pep Guardiola. By now, every football fan understands that and to an extent, he leaves that mark on the field. The Spaniard on Saturday also mentioned his special relationship with David Moyes. The former Manchester United boss introduced him to the Premier League after signing him from Rangers.

When asked whether he still maintains the same kind of relationship with the Hammer’s boss, the Gunner’s ‘Mister’ said, “Yes I do. He was the one that introduced me to the Premier League and he has been a huge influence”.

Mikel Arteta and David Moyes after their first leg clash in Premier League

Soccer-news- Mikel Arteta and David Moyes after their first leg clash in Premier League

Arteta also shared how Moyes influenced him to be a better player and then a coach. He told that during his time at Everton, his former boss was very demanding and challenging and on the other hand supportive as well. He went on to say that it made him a better person.

First of all on a personal level because I think he made me a better person, made me mature in the earlier stages of my career. He was really demanding and challenging but at the same time really, really supportive”, is what the Gunner added.

The London Derby is already a question for bragging rights. This time, the history between both the coaches will add a new dimension that will be interesting for the fans to see. Arteta knows how Moyes reacts to the different situations thus it’ll be interesting to see if the 57-year-old pulls a new trick out from the bag.

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