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A ‘Glorious era’ will end The day Jurgen Klopp leaves Liverpool, Fears Jamie Carragher

Soccer- Jamie Carragher

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher tossed out all the critics that are coming Jürgen Klopp’s way. The German is facing a lot of criticisms lately because of Liverpool’s form in the last couple of months.

Liverpool had a 68-match unbeaten run before losing six consecutive matches in Anfield. The team which was at the top of the table during Christmas is now in the 8th position in the Premier League. Things are not the same in the Champions League though. Liverpool beat RB Leipzig 4-0 over two legs to qualify for the Quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Many of their players suffered injuries and thus Liverpool is yet to field their best XI. No matter what Jürgen Klopp is doing, things aren’t working and thus fans are now impatient. Not all though but for those who are, Carragher has a bold reply for them. “The champagne would flow in the boardrooms of Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Everton, anticipating the return of the pre-Klopp period in Anfield history when the club spent one of five years in the Champions League”.

Soccer- Jamie Carragher

Soccer- Jamie Carragher

There’s no shadow of a doubt that Klopp transformed Liverpool into a champion team. Klopp signed Salah, Allison, Van Dijk, Mane, Fabinho and things changed at Merseyside. Liverpool lifted the prestigious Premier League after 30 long years under the Klopp era. Thus, the reaction Klopp is getting is ‘baffling’ Carragher.

The reaction to the last two months has made me realize that no matter how often those of us connected to the club reiterate that, either the message has not been received beyond Merseyside or there is a baffling ignorance of it”, is what the legend said.

Carragher defends Klopp, says every fan wants to thank him

The majority of Liverpool fans understand Klopp’s importance. They know what happened to Dortmund post-Klopp era. The German team wasn’t the same and the majority of their first-team players left the squad. Liverpool fans don’t want that to happen. A month ago, few fans gathered in front of Kop with the banner, “You’ll never walk alone”, in support of Klopp.

Carragher believes that if Klopp leaves or the board decides to sack him, then a glorious chapter will end at Anfield. “The day Klopp goes will end a glorious era. No Liverpool fan I know is angry with Klopp”.

Carragher however understands and in fact, supports the criticisms. He said, “The flak was bound to intensify after a sixth consecutive home defeat, and I stand by criticism of Liverpool in recent weeks”. The legend added, “The players’ response, even when accounting for key absentees, and four-week delay recruiting two defenders disappointed me. Without on-field leaders such as Virgil Van Dijk, Jordan Henderson, and James Milner, there has been a surprising mental fragility during adversity”.

The positive point in the entire thing is that Klopp got all the support from the fans. According to Carragher, they are desperate to come back and support him personally and professionally. “They are desperate to get back into Anfield to thank him for what he has done, and help him get through this tough period personally and professionally”.

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