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Sheffield United Ready to Greet Harry Maguire

Harry Maguire


Coach Sheffield United, Chris Wilder admitted enthusiastically with a match against Manchester United at the weekend. Wilder said he was happy to welcome the former Blades player, Harry Maguire.

data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Sheffield United will have a big guest on Sunday (11/24) tomorrow. They will host one of the English giants, Manchester United, in the Week 13 match.

This match will be a special match for Harry Maguire. The world’s most expensive defender will return to his childhood club.

Wilder claimed his team could not wait to face the Red Devils. “I would normally say that this match was a normal match, but for this match, it felt more special,” Wilder was quoted as saying by Sportsmole.

Wilder also said he was happy to see Maguire returning to Bramall Lane. He claimed to be ready to give a rousing welcome to the defender and his new team.

“We will face Manchester United, one of the most powerful and iconic teams in the world. We will also face one of our former players who currently plays for them.”

“I’m sure Harry will get a warm welcome this time because he has been back here when he was with Leicester. But I don’t want this fight to be Harry Maguire’s stage, but I want this to be a Sheffield United stage because we want to show how much how nice we are. “

Wilder also insisted his team would not be able to face Maguire and MU. He asserted that the players were eager to defeat Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s foster children.

“I’m sure when Harry’s name is mentioned before the game starts, he will get a standing ovation. But he is currently an enemy, and he plays in the opponent’s cage for an hour and a half.”

“We will try to continue our positive trend and we want to repeat our neat performance before the international break later,” he stressed.

Sheffield United itself is determined to win three points against Manchester United.

If they lose this match, they must submit their position to Manchester United which is just two points away from them.

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