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Sebastian Vettel is willing to cancel the Australian GP if the coronavirus continues to rage

Sebastian Vettel is willing to cancel the Australian GP if the coronavirus continues to rage


Sebastian Vettel can only surrender if the Australian GP which will be the opening series of the Formula 1 car race is canceled if the coronavirus becomes violent. Until now, F1 is still waiting for the results of the tests of five personnel from different teams who have shown symptoms of being infected.

Vettel’s statement turned 100 percent after he previously supported the convening of the Australian GP which will take place at the Albert Park Circuit on Sunday (3/15). He and Daniel Ricciardo did not even agree with Lewis Hamilton who claimed to be surprised why organizers continued to hold the Australian GP while the World Health Organization (WHO) had made this outbreak a pandemic.

Australia’s own health chief has made it clear that any team that has an infected staff member is likely to be quarantined. These conditions are enough to cancel the race.

‘I hope other people will agree and we hope it does not go that far. But if that is the condition then you will definitely pull the hand brake,’ said the German racer was quoted by Motorsport on Thursday (12/3).

‘I think we are a team of 20 people and I think we have been together for the past few years for various situations on various topics. I think we share opinions general about big decisions and that.’

‘I will qualify that is a very, very big decision and in the end, as I said before, you look at yourself. And we will, I think, mature enough to look after ourselves and pull the handbrake in that case.’

Also reported, F1 racers who are members of the Grand Prix Racers Association (GPDA) have asked for F1 guarantees and organizers. One of them is reluctant to hold a sign session for fans.

In a statement issued by GPDA, it urged everyone at Paddock to work together to try to get through difficult circumstances.

‘GPDA declared that it has faith in Australian health authorities, the FIA, F1 and the team to act with the best intentions to safeguard the health, welfare, and safety of fans, officials, drivers, and the wider community,’ he said.


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