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Scoring Four Goals against Lithuania, Ronaldo Sets a New Record

Scoring Four Goals against Lithuania, Ronaldo Sets a New Record

Cristino Ronaldo set a new record as top scorer in European Cup qualifiers. Photo: Foxsportasia


Cristiano Ronaldo added a new record after helping Portugal win over Lithuania in the 2020 European Cup Group B qualifiers. The Juventus player recorded his name as the all-time top scorer during European Cup qualification.

The record was set by Ronaldo at Vetra Stadium on Wednesday (11/09/2019) in the morning when he scored four goals. The former Real Madrid player’s first goal was made from the spot when the game lasted only seven minutes. The other three goals suggested by Ronaldo in minutes 62, 65 and 76.


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With the addition of these four goals, Ronaldo has now collected 25 goals. He managed to break the record previously held by Irish player Robbie Keane with 23 goals.

No doubt the achievements made by Ronaldo were responded to by Keane through posts on his personal Instagram account. “I think you have done enough with this record @cristiano.”

Thus Ronaldo has donated 93 goals for the national team in all tournaments and became the top scorer. He also beat the record previously owned by Ferenc Puskas by nine goals. While the hat trick he made on the international stage became the eighth.


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