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Scoring a goal for PSG, Neymar starts to forget about Barcelona

Scoring a goal for PSG, Neymar starts to forget about Barcelona

Scoring a goal for PSG, Neymar starts to forget about Barcelona

The success in scoring in his first two matches in Ligue 1 this season has fueled his enthusiasm. The Brazilian striker insisted he wanted to use the momentum to help Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) continue to win.

Neymar seems to have decided to forget his desire to defend Barcelona again. The 27-year-old star said she would focus entirely on the field. He wants to continue to contribute to PSG as against Strasbourg and Olympique Lyon in Ligue 1.

In that match, Neymar who had been pulled over for more than three months due to fitness problems appeared as a hero. He scored a savior towards the end of the match which made PSG win 1-0 against Strasbourg and Lyon.

That made Neymar challenged by Coach Thomas Tuchel. The former Santos player was asked to continue to score goals in every match that followed, including when entertaining the Stade de Reims in Ligue 1 continued at the Parc des Princes, early morning.

“We need players like that in difficult matches. Neymar can make a difference in one-on-one situations. He is here to score. He can determine many things. So, my demands on him are so high, “Tuchel said, reported by Skysport.

Apparently Neymar is ready to meet the challenge of Tuchel. The 175 cm figure claimed to be determined to maintain performance every time he grazed. That is, he will exert all ability to break down the Reims goal.


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“Our performance has improved. That’s very important. We performed well against Lyon. Being able to score always gives an amazing feeling. That is very good for your confidence. I want to continue like this, “said Neymar.

Neymar claimed not to always appear as expected. He sometimes makes mistakes that can spark controversy. Moreover, if compounded by a series of injuries. Evidently, during defending PSG, he had more than five times suffered injuries or health problems.

That makes Neymar unable to defend PSG in every game. Things that can make fans disappointed. Therefore, it is not uncommon for him to accept criticism. Moreover, PSG has spent 222 million euros to recruit him from Barcelona.

“Sometimes this is very difficult. Because, you must continue to look perfect. As a human, it is impossible. I messed up a few times. To restore confidence requires sacrifice. But, it is very normal for humans to fail. That is part of learning, “said Neymar.

Neymar said that mental strength is needed in order to overcome all stresses. Therefore, he will continue to practice and work hard to always be ready when needed. “I think if you are mentally strong, you can overcome what will happen,” he said.


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