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Schumacher Has Complications which Can Cause Death

Schumacher Has Complications which Can Cause Death


Neurosurgery specialist, Nicola Acciarri warns that Michael Schumacher will be very different than the person people remember. The statement was revealed exactly two days after the Formula 1 legend commemorates six years after he had an accident while skiing.

Schumacher is known to have suffered a severe injury to his head after an accident after skiing in 2013. Since then he has been treated intensively, with no real indication of his condition that is now known.

Acciarri who works at the Bellaria Hospital in Bologna revealed that other medical complications arose from this long-term injury. It is said, in the Schumacher case, six years after the trauma, everyone must imagine someone who is very different from the phenomenal figure on the racetrack.

‘Despite the intensive care it has, which is called long-term care, there are many organic, muscular, and skeletal frameworks that are changing and worsening. All of this results from brain trauma suffered,’ Acciarri was quoted as saying from Marca, Tuesday (12/31/2019) ).

Speaking of cardiology treatment with stem cells he received in Paris in October 2019, to improve his health condition, Acciarri pointed out that this is normal in such cases, where the main treatment is not recovery but maintenance of vital organs. In other words, Schumacher’s condition requires 360-degree attention, which not only concerns the outcome of brain trauma.

\’Schumacher will also have a physiotherapist team capable of helping to overcome the effects of long-term care. There are complications, such as muscle atrophy, tendon disorders, osteoporosis, and even organic disorders. In the case of disadvantaged people from an economic point of view, this often results in premature death, because of permanent damage to the body, ‘said Acciarri.


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