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Ryan Russel spotted with his girlfriend O’Brien on Valentine’s Day

Ryan Russel

MorRyan Russel and Corey O’Brien spotted together on Valentine’s Day holding hands and showing off their affection in the public.

The 29-year-old NFL player Ryan Russel and his boyfriend O’Brien, a professional dancer were spotted getting close in Los Angeles on a Sunday night.

Moreover, the affectionate couple went viral for numerous TikTok videos where they show off their dance moves and share their relationship.

Ryan Russel conveys, “she handled it the way that she has handled kind of all of my heartbreaks. She tended to my heart and my soul first… As I started opening up…she started asking questions: when I felt this way if anything happened where I felt I couldn’t tell her, if she did anything, which I was like, “No, Mom, you did great, I was trying to figure it out.”

How did Ryan Russel and Corey O’Brien meet?

Ryan Russel

Ryan Russel was spotted holding hands with O’Brien on Valentine’s Day

Russel Ryan and Brien met on Instagram. Russel conveys, “Most of the people meet on the internet and that is how my story began. We ended up getting a coffee in Hollywood and just talking for hours. You do not find that often, right?” He also conveys, “I talk to my mother for an hour every day on the phone, and that is the king of the only person I have ever met. With her, I never go out of topics. Corey and I went two days without seeing each other the most of the time, just talking, and getting to know each other. He has given me a sense of safety and comfort that I have not had.”

Ryan Russel is a free agent but has played with Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Buffalo Bills.

He kept it casual on the outing. He was wearing a white hoodie with a colorful-striped heart under a tan jacket. Along with that, he rocked in grey jeans, white and maroon Nike Air Jordan Sneakers. He was also wearing a black basketball cap that completed his look, and a white face mask to stay safe from COVID-19.

O’Brien was wearing a black shirt under a black leather jacket with a matching black Dodgers baseball cap. The dancer accomplished his look with white pants and black boots.

Ryan and his injuries

Dallas Cowboys drafted Ryan Russell in 2015 out of Purdue University. Unfortunately, the injuries restricted him in his first season.

However, the Cowboys then set him free and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed him. Nevertheless, the injuries surrounded again in 2017.

Later on, Buffalo Bills signed him in 2018 but he missed the whole season due to a shoulder injury and has not played in the league since.

Moreover, Russell came out as bisexual in August 2019. The couple has lately started going viral with their dance videos on TikTok, with one posted yesterday gathering nearly two million views.

O’Brien has danced for artists such as Diddy, French Montana, Nas, Ne-Yo, and several others.


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