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Rossi: Marquez’s dominance was similar to me when I was young

Rossi: Marquez's dominance was similar to me when I was young

Valentino Rossi assesses the dominance of Marc Marquez similar to his work when he was young


Marc Marquez appeared dominant to lock in the 2019 MotoGP world title. Baby Alien gait is considered similar to Valentino Rossi when he was young.

Marquez locked the world title by winning the Thai MotoGP. He collected 325 points from the 15 results of the 2019 MotoGP series that had been held.

In this season, Marquez won nine races. In the other five series, the 26-year-old rider finished second and only once failed to finish the race during a crash in the United States MotoGP.

Rossi also once dominated MotoGP in the 2001 to 2005 range. The Doctor became the world’s premier class of the iron horse fast-paced competition. In the five editions, Rossi won at least nine races in one season.

When does Marquez’s dominance this time resembles him in his early 20s, Rossi confirmed.

“It’s quite similar because he dominated the season, where he won a lot of races, apart from Austin, he always won the podium,” Rossi said in Marca.

“Yes, this is somewhat similar to the time when I was in prime condition, so maybe this is a similar dominance,” he added.


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