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Rossi advised not to take the Yamaha team hostage

Rossi advised not to take the Yamaha team hostage

Valentino Rossi


Career of Valentino Rossi, in general, is in a dilemma situation. First, as a racer, he must do his job well and raise the good name of the Monster Energy Yamaha team.

On the other hand, Rossi must be realistic with the current situation. He is no longer young because the racer nicknamed The Doctor will be 41 years old on February 14, 2020.

In other words, there will be many things to think about. Because this year is a determinant for Rossi’s career. He must decide whether to accept the challenge to continue racing or retire permanently from the world of MotoGP racing.

If Rossi decides to continue racing, Yamaha must choose to have three racers for two official motorcycles. This is the worst-case scenario for Japanese manufacturers, but first, they have to wait for Valentino’s decision.

‘I need time to understand what needs to be done. He will talk to Lin Jarvis and Yamaha to find out what they think. Unfortunately, everything was decided at the beginning of the year in MotoGP,’ Rossi was quoted as saying by La Gazzetta Dello Sport on Wednesday (Wednesday). 8/1).

In addition to finding solutions with Jarvis and the Yamaha team, Rossi also asked the opinions of those closest to him, including his parents. It is said, all of them provide full support to The Doctor to continue the race.

But Rossi feels he must be realistic. If he chooses to continue, then he must be more competitive than last year.

‘I also talked to my father, my mother, Alberto Tebaldi (friend and manager at VR46), Uccio Salucci (his right hand) and Carlo Casabianca (his physical trainer). My parents want me to continue, and others too. But you have to realistic. I want to continue, but I have to be more competitive than last year. Otherwise, it’s better to stop, and that’s okay,’ Rossi explained.

Not long ago Yamaha said that they still believed in the champion mentality possessed by Rossi. But the owner of number 46 underlines the better the team does not feel hostage

‘It is better they do not feel hostage and it is important that they still believe in my competitiveness. This is a great honor and something special for the racer to retire when he decides.’


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