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Rory Macdonald: His defeat with Douglas Lima and his status with Bellator

The former welterweight champion stopped talking to the media after losing the title and final of the Grand Prix welter against Douglas Lima on the stellar Bellator 232.

Despite having lost by unanimous decision, Macdonald thought about the course of the fight that was ahead of the cards. However, after the fight, he felt that if he had done different things the result would have been favorable for him.



“Well, I feel like I had good times. The rounds were very tight. What I feel is that I should “put more gas”. I feel that when I had good times, I was going backward, giving him time to recover and I gave a lot of freedom. Instead of having had his foot on the accelerator from the beginning.”

“I felt comfortable in the place where I was in the fight. I felt confident, maybe more confident than I had to have been on the score. The rounds left me. Each round was tight, I’m not so depressed about that, I only wish I had done more during the fight.”



Referring to his new religious beliefs and how fans speculate that this is affecting his performance, he said:

“I think they have a bad perspective on this. I feel that Jesus made my life richer and changed my life completely from a dark place to another full of happiness and peace. Now I have goals and fulfillment in my heart. So I think they are not looking at it with the right perspective.”

With a score tied between both fighters; Macdonald believes that a third fight is inevitable, but that he must first sign with Bellator again since his contract expired.



“It is very likely that there is a rematch. We had two fighting couples; He won one, I won another. It is almost inevitable that we fight again; I would not say no. If they want to do it, they can do it. First I have to renew, my contract expired. We have to deal with that situation. Obviously, if you want to give me a head start, of course.


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