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Relations between Jorge Lorenzo and Honda began to heat up

Relations between Jorge Lorenzo and Honda began to heat up

Relations between Jorge Lorenzo and Honda began to heat up after manager Alberto Puig asked Lorenzo to fight even harder. Photo: Crash


The relationship between Jorge Lorenzo began to heat up. This is related to Repsol Honda team manager Alberto Puig’s comments asking Lorenzo to further improve his skills to be able to compensate Marc Marquez’s action on the 2019 MotoGP track.

But Puig’s comment was immediately struck by Lorenzo. The three-time MotoGP champion claimed he did not understand Puig’s words, asking him to be even more vicious by increasing his courage and will.

“Yes, he is the boss and a person that I respect very much because I think he knows about motorbikes and MotoGP],” Lorenzo replied.


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“But how does he say that I did not try and did not take risks with this bike. I had a big accident, always because I wanted to try to get good results,” continued Lorenzo.

“Maybe that’s the problem. I pushed too much before knowing exactly the character of the bike and that’s why I fell and injured. It made things much more difficult. Because it all came from an injury. Without injury, I’m sure I could, maybe not win the race, but finish on the podium and in the top five. ”

It is undeniable since joining Honda, Lorenzo experienced many obstacles. In addition to difficulties in adapting to mounts, injuries after the accident at Assen recorded the worst. He was absent for two months to recover a vertebral fracture.

Therefore Lorenzo was not accepted as being accused of not showing fighting spirit at Honda. He then compared when he was still in Ducati.

“I also fought for the first year at Ducati, but I struggled more this time because before the season began, I suffered two major injuries last year, a leg injury in Aragon and a wrist in Thailand. Then in pre-season, I also had a scaphoid fracture “In Qatar, I had a number of broken ribs and a large one in Assen.”

“I have never been 100% fit to drive a Honda, so I will never be able to push to the maximum. Like this in MotoGP it’s difficult, especially when you don’t feel really comfortable with the bike,” Lorenzo explained.


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