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Referee Mike Dean rues decisions made in the Southampton and West Ham matches

Mike Dean
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Mike Dean, the chosen official for the Manchester United versus Southampton game and the West Ham versus Fulham match on February 6th and 7th, of the 2021 season respectively, decided on February 8th to withdraw from the upcoming Premier League games.

He sent off Southampton’s center back for Jan Bednarek with a red card at Old Trafford last Saturday. Bednarek denied Manchester United’s forward Anthony Martial a goal-scoring opportunity at Old Trafford.

Down to nine men, the Saints had previously lost another man, Alex Jankewitz, at the match’s start. Southampton immediately appealed to repeal, the second red card gifted to their Polish center back, with the decision overturned eventually.

mike dean

Mike dean rues red card decisions

Mike Dean did not take long before he went back to his old tricks, and he sent off West Ham’s Tomas Soucek when the Hammers faced Fulham at Craven Cottage.

Soucek had elbowed Fulham forward in Aleksandar Mitrovic, as the latter had attempted a free-kick in the final few seconds of the game. The Hammers questioned their intent when he committed the challenge and decided to appeal to the red card. The FA overruled Dean’s call once again, putting Mike Dean on the public radar for his decisions.

Mike Dean’s family receives death threats over decisions made

mike dean

Mike dean looking irritated

Dean’s decisions taken on the field resulted in repercussions, as his family received threats through social media.

The threats came from the fans of Southampton and West Ham, who were fuming over the decisions made by Mike Dean.

Furthermore, Football Daily says“Dean decided not to feature in future Premier League games, due to the abuse he was facing. He will still appear as the referee for the FA Cup clash between Brighton Hove and Albion and Leicester City”.

In light of the recent threats, Dean filed a report with the police, worried about his family’s safety.

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