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Red Bull advisor Marco says Max Verstappen “would be free”

Max Verstappen driving for Red Bull in 2021.

The 2021 season of Formula 1 is quite pressurizing for Red Bull. There is an uproar in the fans that this might be the last year of Max Verstappen at Red Bull.

Why 2021 season can be the last year for Verstappen in Red Bull?

Recently, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko revealed that Max Verstappen and The Austrian team are under a performance clause. According to the clause, Red Bull needs to provide a car using which Verstappen can be the world champion on his own merits.

However, his own merits means, he needs to be 0.3 seconds faster than the no.1 car on the track. No. 1 means Lewis Hamilton and his team Mercedes. Therefore, he needs to beat Hamilton in 2021 to continue in Red Bull.

Will it be the last year for Max Verstappen to drive for Red Bull?

Will it be the last year for Max Verstappen to drive for Red Bull?

Marko said, “Yes, there is a performance clause. I don’t want to go into details, but it more or less says that Max can compete for race wins and the world championship on his own merits. If he can do that, his contract is extended. If not, he would be free.”

What does Red Bull need to do for stopping Verstappen?

Red Bull could not fulfill their promise to Verstappen last season. He was third in the tournament, but that is not enough. If Red Bull plans to stop their ace from quitting, then they need to beat the lead constructor Mercedes. Therefore, they need to improve.

Red Bull and Honda need to provide a chassis and power unit to their ace, which can unleash his full potential. Therefore, if Verstappen becomes the World Championship, then he would stay at Red Bull. Otherwise, this might be his last season driving for the Bulls.

Marco said, “That’s our goal and I believe in it, not only because of Max, but because it’s in our DNA that we want to win.”

“We are on track and I think we can fulfill the clause.”

What will Verstappen do, if Red Bull cannot fulfill their promise?

With this clause, it is quite clear that if Red Bull fails this season, Verstappen will leave the Team.

Lewis Hamilton will drive for Mercedes in 2021.

Lewis Hamilton will drive for Mercedes in 2021.

As we all know, the seven times world champion Lewis Hamilton, only extended the contract for a year. Therefore, there might be a vacant seat at Mercedes in 2022. Verstappen might join the best team on the track right now, and that is Mercedes. Mercedes might also seek this opportunity to get Verstappen on their team for 2022.

What we can expect from Red Bull in 2021?

We can expect that Red Bull might provide Verstappen with the best ride of 2021. He may become the World Champion of Formula 1 in 2021. Or, we may see him for the last time in the uniform of Red Bull. Whatever happens, 2021 is a very crucial year for the power team Red Bull and their future.

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