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Recovering from the Bite of a Spider, Parker Asks for a Duel vs Chisora

Recovering from the Bite of a Spider, Parker Asks for a Duel vs Chisora


The reason Joseph Joseph’s duel with Derek Chisora ​​was canceled was finally revealed. Not because of the lack of payment received by Parker. Apparently, the New Zealand heavyweight boxer was sick because of being bitten by a spider.

Now, Parker’s condition reportedly began to recover after being sick for three weeks. He still hoped to be given the chance to fight before the end of the year. Parker also hopes to be able to fight with Chisora.

On the other hand, after canceling against Parker, Chisora ​​will face David Price at The O2, London, England, on 26 October. After canceling against Chisora, now, Parker remains in Las Vegas, United States to continue training

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“He really wants to come back before the end of the year, of course. He has recovered from a three week break and he is back in training, but that is really a question for Eddie Hearn. He is a promoter and we are waiting for their orders. We are realistic and we are just waiting for news from Matchroom, “said David Higgins, Joseph Parker’s manager.

Higgins deplored the British media coverage of Parker’s duel with Chisora. According to him, the British media had cornered his fighter.

” He was excited, he went back to training. “I saw the British media making fun of spider bites, but I tell the truth honestly to doctors, we think they are really spider bites,” he said.

“I’m no expert, but that (spider bite) sort of destroys your immune system, your health. You’re tired. He was ordered by the medical team to rest for three weeks,” he said.

Higgins insisted his fighter did not avoid a duel with Chisora. He hoped the chance of a duel with Chisora ​​is open again. “Make no mistake, we want to fight with Chisora, we still do it. We will see what happens, “he hoped.

Parker hopes Chisora ​​can win quickly over Price. Higgins hopes his fighter can face Chisora ​​in the additional party of Andy Ruiz Jr’s re-duel with Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia on 7 December.” It would be a shame if Joseph must sit for eight months, but we still hope. “


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