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Rajon Rondo: What Are Possibilities for the Lakers Player in NBA Trade?

Rajon Rondo

The NBA Finals of the 2019-20 season was a massive victory for Rajon Rondo and his team, the Lakers, especially after Kobe Bryant’s unfortunate death. The Lakers gave him the tribute by winning the championship, and LeBron won his fourth title. However, a few things will be future changing for the team, with many of their players like Rajon Rondo hitting the free agency

Many players like Rajon Rondo are eligible to opt-out of their contracts and use the free agency. Here are possibilities for the Lakers player Rajon Rondo if he decides to leave his team. Despite their victory, rumors say that many Lakers players are going to drop their contracts this off-season. The most famous name among this list is Rajon Rondo.

Who’s Rajon?

For those who are not NBA fans, he’s a 34-year-old LA Lakers player. He’s not an ordinary player from the team. He’s regarded as a critical teammate. If we consider the rumors surrounding NBA trade, he’s the first to drop his franchise this off-season. 

There are several best and worst alternatives for Rondo; however, we don’t know how it will pan out for him in reality. Below are the outcomes for him.

NBA Trade: Best Choice for Rondo

What is the best choice for Rajon Rondo, according to you? It’s undoubtedly re-signing the contract with his current team – Los Angeles Lakers. It doesn’t make any sense to leave the contract with the team that has just won a trophy in NBA Finals. 

All players seek a Championship, and that was earned by the Lakers this year. Even Rondo’s performance was excellent. Even though he’s free to drop the franchise, he can use this free agency to negotiate a new deal with the management. 

Rondo can demand a better salary for the upcoming period. The chances are that the management will fulfill his demand. However, irrespective of the outcome from his need, he should stick around his team, which is considered one of the dominant NBA history teams. 

NBA Trade: Worst Choice for Rajon

Rumors are making the rounds that Rajon might be interested in joining New York Knicks. If he is considering that, nothing could be worse than this. If we see the Knicks’ track record, they are doing pathetic from the last ten years. The management is not paying attention to improve the condition of their team. 

In reality, many free agents avoid the New York Knicks at all costs. For any ambitious player like Rondo, this could be the worst mistake of the career. Rajon Rondo is already 34. He is running short on time in the NBA. 

The best decision someone like him with limited future time can take is playing with the best team to win more championships before retirement. However, nothing can be said about what Rondo will do. We hope the best for him.

What’s your opinion on if Rajon Rondo leaves the Lakers and joins the Knicks? Drop the comments below to let us know. Follow our site for regular news on the NBA and everything.


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