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Rainey Predicts Alex’s Presence Can Influence Marc Marquez’s Appearance

Rainey Predicts Alex's Presence Can Influence Marc Marquez's Appearance


Wayne Rainey joined in commenting on the decision of the Repsol Honda team to have the Marquez brothers (Marc and Alex) in 2020 after Jorge Lorenzo officially decided to retire from the MotoGP racing world. He said, the Alien Baby would lose concentration and could affect his appearance considering the team would focus more on the process of managing his biological brother than the world champion six times in the main class.

Many things will be done by Honda to see how feasible Alex occupies Lorenzo’s position. Starting from whether he can adapt to RC213V to the pressure exerted by the team.

No doubt, the three-time 500cc world champion stressed Marquez would lose many positions in motorbike arrangements next year. Because he will also share data with his younger siblings and this situation can affect his appearance.

\’I do not know if that was the right decision, because I think now Marc will focus on his brother, to ensure that his brother is ready. That was previously something that Marc never thought of,’ Rainey was quoted as saying by Motorsport on Tuesday (31/12 / 2019).

‘Alex just has to think about himself and ‘how fast can I go’. Then he can take root for his brother when he rides on different bikes and different classes. Now he’s in the garage, this can be a different balance and that might affect Marc is more than Alex, ‘added Rainey.

Rainey added that Alex looked like a cool-headed racer. He won’t make many mistakes, in other words he steps step by step.

‘But with his brother there, he will see where his level is. The motor will be, this will be interesting. If one brother is injured, it will affect the other brother. The whole family is there. You talk ‘about teams run like a family, that is a family – two brothers race together at the highest level of motor racing, for different reasons. the best team at paddock,’ Rainey concluded.

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