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Potential franchises fit for Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball has not yet found a steadfast team for him, even after four seasons in NBA. The prime point in his brief career was him being the no.2 overall pick in the 2017 draft. Here we look at five franchises in which the 23-year-old can add significant value.

Lonzo Ball: career till date

Ball has been a journeyman of sorts since the start of his career. He spent one season in the Lakers as a 20-year-old rookie. However, he was transferred to the New-Orleans Pelicans in the bruited trade for Anthony Davis. The arrival of LeBron James in July 2018 was a major reason for the trade to take place.

His 12 games under Stan Van Gundy have been disappointing. Due to his persisting knee problems, the 3-point game on which he worked so hard last season has faded. He hasn’t been able to put pressure on the opposing defense, which has stopped him from stealing fouls and getting easy points from free throws.

Now, the young PG finds himself at an impasse yet again at the end of his fourth season. With the possibility of a restricted free agency looming large over him. Here are the top 5 teams who can acquire him this upcoming season.

Lonzo Ball is up for being a Registered Free Agency (RFA) this season

LA Clippers

Lonzo Ball’s immaculate passing ability is well documented. And with the Clippers having two out-and-out shooters in their ranks, they are in dire need of a good passer. Ball would also like the opportunity of moving to his native Southern California, the very place where the Lakers gave up on him. A trade with Patrick Beverley might be on the cards, as that would assist both the franchises financially.

Dallas Mavericks

Mavericks would really appreciate having another playmaker who can pair well with Luka Doncic. Ball’s defensive abilities would also appeal to the Dallas Mavericks management as their defense ranks 17th in the league. Mavericks’ coach Rick Carlisle can also help in improving Lonzo Ball’s many offensive frailties. And that most certainly will make him a better overall player.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls are in desperate need of a point guard and judging by how good defensively gifted Ball is, he will pair very well with both Zach LaVine and Coby White. He prefers to assist his teammates rather than score himself, and that is exactly what Chicago Bulls need at the moment.

Golden State Warriors

This is probably the most obvious of all places Ball should plan ongoing. The rumor of potential trade between Ball and Kelly Oubre Jr has been doing the rounds in recent times.

Warriors are another team that is set up perfectly for Ball’s passing game. Subsequently, he is coach Steve Kerr’s dream player because his ability to pass the ball at ease and cutting will keep the Warriors’ trademark motion offense in shape.

His defensive game will also shine here, seeing that the Golden State Warriors’ defense currently ranks 18th in the league. That certainly isn’t where 6-time championship-winning sides should be, and Steve Kerr will be more than willing to change that in the near future.

Toronto Raptors

Raptors need a big point guard to pair with Fred VanVleet after Kyle Lowry becomes a free agent after the season. Lonzo Ball has an innate ability to impede the passing channels of opposing teams, which will help the Raptors tremendously.

Lonzo Ball is by no means a complete player. Whichever team decides to go for him has to keep in mind that they are not signing a player who will have an instant pay-off. With that being said, Ball will bring with him a positive mindset and that has a knock-on effect. He can become a prominent player, but for that, he would need a stable home and a coach who works on unlocking his full potential.


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