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Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard slams media pressure in podcast interview

The Portland Trail Blazers have a gem in point guard Damian Lillard. In his nine-year-career, Lillard has been compared to the very best in the game. Being an MVP candidate almost every year speaks to his brilliance and tremendous work ethic. Following that, he also contributes to communities that need help and is up for anything that helps people get on their feet.

Lillard comes from Oakland, which is one of the inner cities. That area is notorious for drug and criminal violence in the states. To come from there and make a name for himself and acquire the status he has now is a commendable feat in itself.

Damian Lillard criticizes the media

When asked about his thought for the media on the podcast “Million $ Worth Of Game,” Damian Lillard had some choice words. He said, “The media isn’t going to make me sweat by saying, ‘Oh, he’s not a winner.’ A lot of you motherf**kers ain’t winners at nothing but criticizing people…I’m not going to give into the pressure of that.” 

Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard contributes to the community regularly

Lillard is a huge role model in his community and regularly gives back to the place he came from. He started a program called RESPECT to help high school kids in the Portland metro area graduate.

Lillard is a team player:

Damian Lillard was asked about his colossal work-ethic in the podcast. To that, he said, “I’m a soldier for my team. When we lose I don’t throw nobody under the bus. When we win I don’t say that’s because of me. I just show up day after day and do my job. I got to the level I am just by being solid and doing stuff the way I’m supposed to do it.”

When asked to describe what he is doing for the community, Lillard said, “I’m doing a lot of things to give back. Like the LEGACY program I’m doing with Adidas, the intern program. Even in my neighborhood, I’m investing in people’s stuff which is going to put them in a better position. That is what my legacy is going to be.” 


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Damian Lillard is one of the best point guards in the history of the NBA. His 3-point shooting and ball-handling are unparalleled. Moreover, maintaining the level he has reached over all these years is tougher than what it looks to us viewers who just marvel at his brilliance on the court.

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