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Paul George Reacted to What Jared Dudley Wrote in His Book

Paul George

Lately, Jared Dudley released a book termed “Inside the NBA Bubble”. The book mentioned the ongoing tension between his team and Los Angeles Clippers.

Subsequently, a passage in that book expressed how Paul George exasperated the players of the Lakers. Clipper’s star sensed he was similar to LeBron James and Anthony Davis’s level. Both of them are the true superstars.

Paul George reacted to Dudley’s commentaries in a disciplined way. He was a wrongdoer as his luck didn’t support him and he played terribly in Game 7 of the series. In the second round of playoffs in the Western Conference Finals last year, there was an estimated matchup between the two teams.

The twitter commentaries about Jared Dudley’s comment on Paul George

The total NBA fanbase had an opinion towards the statement made by Jared Dudley about Paul George. Further, everyone started questioning Jared Dudley’s accomplishments and his standing in the NBA. The tweets were stating, “ Who is Jared Dudley? Put some respect on George’s name for god sake.”

Another tweet stated, “ this is disrespectful for George who couldn’t win to put himself on that level. This motivates us. When we see those players around the field, we don’t prefer kicking with them.”

Paul George knew he didn't score good and thus reacted to Dudley’s commentaries in a disciplined way.

Paul George in the National Basketball League

In between this whole scenario, there was another tweet that ended up comparing the playoff records of both the players apart from the last year’s record. The tweet stated no one reacted when Paul George had 74 playoffs before coming to LA.

The clippers team ended up finding themselves guilty as the team in all the final three games gave up second-half leads. Conversely, the Clippers have the best record in this season. However, there were still some questions about the team left with no answers.

Paul George had a very casual reaction to the entire scenario. Subsequently, he balled out against the Cavs for 36 points. The postseason playoffs would now make Cliffers face a lot of audiences and revert to several commentaries.

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