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Otto Wallin is 100% ready to defeat Tyson Fury and shake heavyweight

Otto Wallin is 100% ready to defeat Tyson Fury and shake heavyweight
Otto Wallin 100% Ready to Defeat Tyson Fury and Rock Heavy / Sky Sport



Otto Wallin came to the United States on a mission to shake up World Heavyweight boxing against Tyson Fury this weekend. The Swedish undefeated heavyweight boxer is believed to surprise Fury, who has more experience in battles at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, United States, Saturday, September 14th.

Boxing promoter Dmitriy Salita believes that Wallin will be a formidable enemy for Fury. Salita guaranteed Wallin would be a destroyer of Fury’s ambitions for a duel with world WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder in February 2020.


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As a sign of the seriousness of developing his career, Wallin went to New York, which is known as a big-name boxer battle arena. Wallin’s move to New York was the best decision to better make him known in boxing the world.

“Otto has a great training ground and is in good physical and mental condition,” Salita told Sky Sports. “He came to shake the world and he was mentally capable of doing it,” he continued.

Before fighting Wallin, the British boxer destroyed Tom Schwarz’s future in the second round on 15 June 2019. But Wallin reminded his potential opponents that he was not like Schwarz. “He can do whatever he wants by taking me seriously or not,” he said.


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Wallin, who has not been beaten in 20 rings, insists he is preparing seriously to face the former heavyweight world champion. Because the duel will later prove that it is appropriate to undergo a big battle. “I will focus on what I do. I am 100 percent ready for the fight tonight and I will do it,” he said.

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