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Officially MotoGP 2022 Holds 22 Races

Officially, MotoGP 2022 holds 22 races

MotoGP announced the addition of a calendar for the 2022 season


MotoGP officially announced the addition of a calendar for the 2022 season. There will be 22 races held throughout the season.

The announcement was released through a video MotoGP. In the Marc Marquez et al race video, it was informed that the MotoGP calendar for 2022 was reproduced.

“Great news. MotoGP has very interesting news. In 2022, the 2022 MotoGP calendar will increase to 22 rounds,” explained MotoGP.


At present, the motor racing calendar still holds 19 races. In MotoGP 2020, the number of races increased to 20 races after Finland entered the calendar.

In 2021, the MotoGP calendar has the potential to increase to 21 because Indonesia has been given a contract to hold a race. And in 2022, another race will likely be held in Portimao, Portugal.

The puzzle of two new countries in the MotoGP racing calendar will be announced soon. And Indonesia and Portugal have indeed become strong candidates to hold the world motorcycle racing championship.

“Soon, we will announce the first country to become a new race series in MotoGP, stay tune!” Thus the statement in the video released by MotoGP.


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