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Nikita Mazepin To Race for Haas Under the Russian Flag

Mazepin set to race in F1 Debut under neutral flag

In December, The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) endorsed a ban on Russia from competing at World Championship sporting events. Reason being relating to state-sponsored doping and cover-ups at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Mazepin, after stepping up from F2, races under a neutral flag in his debut at F1 for Haas. The anti-doping ruling against Russia also applies to F1.

The young racer joins Mick Schumacher, an all-rookie line-up for Haas this year. The Russian Automobile Federation, after receiving clarification concerning the CAS, confirming may affect drivers competing in the championship series.

Russian Flag Matter

The World Anti-Doping Agency proposed a four-year ban on Russian teams. Getting reduced to a two-year ban, the country can not represent itself at either this year’s Tokyo Olympics or the 2022 football World Cup in Qatar.

However, the country can qualify for the tournament but not allowed to use the country’s name, flag, or anthem. The only way Russia got is if accompanied by the words ‘Neutral Team’ with equal prominence.

Mazepin will have to race under a neutral flag

Mazepin, making his debut this year with Haas, stays forbidden from racing under the Russian flag for the next two seasons. All Russian drivers also stay prohibited from using national emblems, flags or symbols, and the word “Russia” or “Russian”. Drivers performing in any format including Formula E, WRC, WEC, and WRX stays affected.

Racers stay permitted to call themselves “neutral athlete from Russia” or as “Russia. Neutral athlete”. Permitted using the word “Russia” on any clothing so long as they give it equal prominence to “neutral athlete”. They can use the acronym RAF and the Russian Flag colors.

Russian officials stay permitted to attend races, spectators, and fans can bring Russian flags for support. Subsequently, Mazepin is the only Russian driver on the Formula 1 grid this season. Hence, the Russian Grand Prix continues to be unaffected.



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