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“There’s Not Gonna Be a Third Chance” Mike Tannenbaum Unsure of Carson Wentz’s Future in Indianapolis Colts

Carson Wentz

The Philadelphia Eagles traded their franchise quarterback Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday. This was something that both parties anticipated for a long while. Wentz’s performance has not been up to the mark by any stretch of the imagination.

The NFL offseason, however, is also a time when a team’s management and coaching staff sit down and plan their strategies for the next season. This includes offering new contracts to star players and acquiring players from other teams.

Normally, the Philadelphia Eagles would’ve spent a lot on signing a new quarterback. However, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has reportedly pushed his management to make Jalen hurts the sole quarterback in his franchise.

TV analyst and American Football executive Mike Tannenbaum talked about what the future hold for Wentz now that he has signed with the colts.

Tannenbaum explains why Carson Wentz will not have another chance

Mike Tannenbaum talked about why this opportunity with the colts would likely be the last opportunity for Wentz to perform. He said, “I’m somewhat skeptical. If we would google ’10 commandments of being a quarterback’, number one will be a battlefield commander. Someone like Eisenhower. Mentally tough, somebody that can lead the charges.”

He continued, “However, we haven’t seen that from Carson Wentz and that is a critical factor being a quarterback in the NFL. If it is going to happen, it’s going to be in this town and with this coach. So he has to flush with what happened in Philly. He has to show more mental stability and toughness in leading his team. Because opportunities like these will be fleeting if it doesn’t work out in Indy.”

Carson Wentz will be a great addition to the Colts squad as admitted by coach Frank Reich. Wentz will wear jersey no.2 for the Colts as revealed by their official Twitter page.

the Eagles will receive a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional 2022 second-rounder in the trade for Carson Wentz. Moreover, that third-round pick will be changed to a first-round pick if Wentz reaches certain benchmarks for the colts.

The new NFL season will kick off from 9th September in the fall this year.


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