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“Sam Darnold Is Vastly Vastly Underrated” Remarks NFL Analyst Mel Kiper

Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold got traded to the Carolina Panthers on Monday night. It was one of the many surprising trades that this offseason has witnessed up until now. With the drafts approaching, multiple high-profile trades are on the cards.

As far as Darnold and New York Jets are concerned, it was a partnership that was bound to turn sour at some point. Darnold did not live up to the expectations the Jets front office and management staff had of him. He was on the last year of his rookie contract with the New York outfit.

TV analyst Mel Kiper was especially displeased with the fact that the Jets chose to trade Darnold. According to him, he would have been a reliable asset for the side for many years to come.

He said, “If you had Darnold and [Zach] Wilson, then you had the win-win. If you go with Darnold only, then you get one of those wide receivers. Now Carolina has Darnold and they can go ahead and buy a wide receiver.”

He continued, “For me, look past the numbers and look at Sam Darnold as a player. Moreover, Darnold has shown that he can be good with very little around him. He might not have shown greatness, but he showed that he will be good at various stages of the season. He is only 23-years-old so it is a good move for the Carolina Panthers.”

Sam Darnold, good pick for the Carolina Panthers?

Sam Darnold might turn out to be a prized possession for the Panthers as they have the proper infrastructure in place. They have a good offensive line which will give Darnold enough time to pick out a teammate. In recent times, he has even worked on his throwing technique.

Sam Darnold

FOXBOROUGH, MA – JANUARY 3, 2021: Sam Darnold #14 of the New York Jets looks to make a pass against the New England Patriots

The aforementioned attributes will help Darnold in transforming into a great quarterback. With him on board, the Carolina Panthers will also be looking forward to performing well in the upcoming season.

The new NFL season will commence on 9th September, in the fall. Super Bowl LVI will be played in the newly constructed SoFi stadium in Inglewood, California, home to the Los Angeles Rams.

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