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Louis Riddick Reports Bill Belichick Doesn’t “Want To Go Through a Season Like 2020 Ever”

Bill Belichick

The NFL offseason has been underway since February. Young collegiate students await their selection into franchises through the Draft while the players tend to their injuries and prepare for the upcoming season.

However, this is also the time when coaches and franchise managements sit down and strategize for the new season. That includes signing new players, making a change in tactics, and sorting out any other issue that comes along.

The 2021 NFL free agency started on Monday. The New England Patriots were undoubtedly the most active team as they signed four players within the first few hours. TV analyst Louis Riddick explained the reasoning behind why Bill Belichick and the Patriots were so quick to break the shackles.

Riddick explains the thinking behind the decision of Bill Belichick

In a chat with ESPN, Riddick was asked about the message Belichick wants to send through these signings. He conveyed, “The message he is sending out is that he does not want to go through a season like 2020 ever. I can tell you firsthand, I was talking to him in the production meetings. That was about as frustrated as I’ve ever heard Bill.”

Further continued, “He was not being able to get out of the team what he is used to getting out of them. And that is top-quality performance and execution week after week. He wouldn’t have had that run of success if it wasn’t for that. He identified the areas he needed to take care of in his football team. This is rebuilding a team 101.”

The New England Patriots experienced a massive dip in form in the 2020 season. They won the Super Bowl in 2019 by defeating the Los Angeles Rams and the very next season they did not even make it to the playoffs. Many critics blame this solely on the departure of Tom Brady. With Brady on board, The Patriots won five Super Bowls in an incredibly short span.

Now, however, Bill Belichick and his men are looking forward to incorporating these new signings and get their team performances back on the winning track.

The new NFL season starts from 9th September in the fall. Super Bowl LVI will be held in the newly constructed SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. Home to the Los Angeles Rams.





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