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Kyle Pitts Discusses the Need of Guidance for Young Athletes With His Mentor Travis Kelce

Kyle Pitts

In a short span, Kyle Pitts has risen to become the most sought-after tight end in this season’s drafts. There were rumors that many franchisees were going to try drafting him. Ultimately, it was the Atlanta Falcons who were able to secure the 20-year-old.

In the latest video released on the Falcons’ Twitter handle, Pitts can be seen discussing the need for mentorship with Travis Kelce. He considers Kelce as his mentor and someone who has guided him through the process of becoming an NFL prospect.

In the conversation, Pitts said, “Throughout high school and middle school, it was my trainer. He was always somebody who was thinking about my scholarships when I was a kid. He said that I was going to be something special. Having somebody who saw something I didn’t is always a blessing.”

Kyle Pitts is arguably the most athletic tight end in the history of the game. Saying this is indeed heavy praise for a player who has not yet proved his mettle in the league. However, it is all but certain that Pitts will light up the NFL with his electric pace and physicality.

His performance on pro-day is what surprised many scouts. Generally, tight-ends are supposed to be fast, but Kyle Pitts also has exceptional game awareness which he puts to good use. Hence, him being picked fourth overall is no fluke from the Falcons front office.

Kyle Pitts

ATLANTA, GA – DECEMBER 19: Kyle Pitts #84 of the Florida Gators reacts after a gain against the Alabama Crimson Tide

The young TE has also garnered praise from all across the footballing spectrum. There is no doubt about the fact that Pitts is a tremendous offensive weapon who can take the game to the opposition and disrupt defensive plays. When the season starts in September, Pitts will definitely be one of the players to watch.


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