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Jay Williams Think the “Chicago Bears Needs To Make a Move” To Trade for Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold could go to the Chicago Bears.

As the 2021 NFL drafts get closer, franchisees and team managements have started having discussions to get their prospects in order.

Players like Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence have become household names in this process. They have performed exceptionally well for their alma-mater in the past year.

However, the offseason is also a time where the teams try to collect funds in order to sign new players. They tend to do so by releasing players or trading them for benefits.

The news of the New York Jets releasing veteran quarterback, Sam Darnold, this offseason, has been doing the rounds. Further, recent information suggests that the Jets might be looking forward to signing Zach Wilson in this year’s draft.

TV analyst, Jay Williams, talked about the future prospects of Darnold if he gets traded. The Chicago Bears have also come out and publicly stated that they require a veteran quarterback. Hence, this can be the perfect opportunity for both parties.

Jay Williams explains the prospect of the Chicago Bears signing Sam Darnold

He said, “I think the Chicago Bears need to make a move for Sam Darnold. I think he could be a guy that can help them in the future. Granted that they also have issues that they need to sort out with their own line. I still believe that if you want to have a talent that can compete, Darnold is your man.”

He continued, “The potential is there with Sam. I think a change of scenery and putting a different infrastructure around him can do the job. That being said, I don’t necessarily believe that parachuting him into this kind of a situation is gonna help his career.”

The 2021 NFL Draft commences on 29th April and will continue till 1st May. Subsequently, Jacksonville Jaguars will have the opportunity of taking the first pick this season.

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