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“I see a lot of Jalen Hurts in him” Mark Sanchez compares Trey Lance’s game play style to the Eagle’s Jalen Hurts

Trey Lance is reportedly the top target for many sides this season.

The NFL offseason has been underway ever since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl LV. All the players are savoring their time away from the field and are recovering from the injuries suffered during the season.  However, the most exciting part of the offseason, the 2021 NFL Draft, is just around the corner. Collegiate players sit with bated breath, awaiting their selection into NFL franchises. Players like Trevor Lawrence and Trey Lance have already garnered a following owing to their superb performances for their alma-mater.

With the drafts fast approaching, analysts and pundits have started having discussions and debates about potential signings by teams. In one such debate, TV analyst Mark Sanchez explained the possibility of any team signing Trey Lance of North Dakota State. Sanchez pointed out his shortcomings and drew comparisons to Jalen Hurts.

Mark Sanchez compares Trey Lance to Jalen Hurts.

In the discussion with ESPN, Mark Sanchez said, “I think Trey Lance is the riskiest proposition for teams this season. He has got a little bit of a longer release, not the end of the world. It is something he could potentially work on. However, when I see him, I can’t unsee Jalen Hurts. I see a lot of Jalen Hurts in him. I also see this inaccuracy, just slightly.” 

He continued, “He slows down the receiver, he slows down their forward progress, and he limits yards after the catch. In coach speak, he’s essentially leaving meat on the bone. There are big plays to be had that he just doesn’t capitalize on because he misses just slightly. That’s my only knock on him. The level of competition, the number of games, the number of starts, that was a knock on me coming out into the draft.”

Draft favorites awaiting the start of the regular season

The 2021 NFL Draft is scheduled to be held on 29th April and will continue till 1st May. Jacksonville Jaguars will have the first pick of this season. Moreover, the NFL regular season will commence from 9th September in the fall. Super Bowl LVI will be held in the newly built SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.


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