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Dan Orlovsky Thinks New York Jets’ Best Move Is “To Keep Sam Darnold and Trade the No 2 Pick”

Sam Darnold

As the 2021 NFL draft approaches its commencement day, young collegiate students from around the country are gearing up with bated breath. These youngsters have performed exceptionally well for their Alma-mater through the past year and are now looking forward to taking their skills to the NFL.

In fact, players like Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence have already become crowd favorites. This year’s draft mostly consists of quarterbacks. This can work in favor of teams like the New York Jets who are in desperate need of some fresh talent in that position.

TV analyst, Dan Orlovsky, talked about a probable mode of operation for the Jets, ahead of the draft. Many people are of the opinion that the Jets should sell Sam Darnold and have Zach Wilson in his place. However, Orlovsky thinks otherwise.

Dan Orlovsky explains his reasoning behind why the New York Jets should keep Darnold

Orlovsky believes that the Jets should not go for Wilson but rather try and develop Sam Darnold.

He said, “You cannot have both of these guys [Darnold and Wilson] in the building at the same time. Sam Darnold’s value right now should have no bearing on whether you’re gonna take Zach Wilson or not. You’re taking Zach Wilson to change your franchise. Not because you’re unsure of where Sam Darnold is.”

Orlovsky continued, “If you’re taking Zach Wilson, it’s not because of what you’re gonna get for Sam Darnold. You’re taking Zach Wilson because of what you’re gonna get from him. The best situation for the New York Jets is to keep Sam Darnold and trade the no.2 pick for an absolute haul.”

Sam Darnold is in the last year of his rookie contract with the New York Jets with the option of a one-year extension in place. His performances have not been up to the mark in recent times, especially during the pandemic-stricken 2020 season

The 2021 NFL draft is scheduled to be held on 29th April and will continue till 1st May. Jacksonville Jaguars will have the opportunity of taking the first pick followed by the New York Jets.

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