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Dallas Cowboys ‘Should Do Whatever It Takes’ To Draft Kyle Pitts With 1st Round 10th Pick, Advocates Matt Miller

Kyle Pitts

With the 2021 NFL drafts nearing commencement, the race for signing the best young talents from around the country has started to heat up. Franchise managements have started their discussions and forming bids for high-profile players. Some of them like Trevor Lawrence and Kyle Pitts have already become household names in the world of the NFL.

Kyle Pitts has grown to be one of the most sought-after tightends in this year’s draft. His tremendous athleticism and lightning pace have proved to be a huge asset for his alma mater. The Dallas Cowboys have emerged as the favorites for signing the 20-year-old.

In a discussion with SportsCenter, TV analyst Matt Miller talked about what Pitts brings to the table. He also explained why the Cowboys need to throw the kitchen sink in order to sign him ahead of this upcoming season.

Matt Miller waxes lyrical about Kyle Pitts

Miller said, “I would be the biggest advocate to do whatever it takes to go get this guy. Because this would make the Cowboys the best offense in the NFC. When you have Dax Prescott and Kyle Pitts, you have a good enough offense.”

He continued, “Let’s not forget that the draft is of seven rounds. Just that you go offense around one does not mean that you can’t go defense around 2-7. You can find good defensive players in the latter stages of the draft. If Kyle Pitts is at number 10, you have to get him. I think they have to do it.”

There is no denying the fact that Kyle Pitts will be a fantastic addition to the Cowboys squad. They are in dire need of some fresh young talent at the moment, and Pitts can provide just that. His presence alone can make opposition defenses question their tactics and that might be enough for the Cowboys to win the NFC East this season.

The 2021 NFL Drafts start from 29th April and will continue till 1st May. The Jacksonville Jaguars will have the opportunity of taking the first pick followed by the New York Jets. The regular season will commence from 9th September in the fall.


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