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Bruschi Reveals Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie Is “Taking Power Away” From Coach Nick Sirianni

Jalen Hurts will reportedly be the only quarterback in Jeffrey Lurie's side.

The NFL offseason is underway at the moment. All the players spend this time away from the field and work on their injuries and performance. The offseason comprises plenty of exciting things like the NFL draft and players being offered new contracts. Young collegiate players await this time of the year to get picked for the NFL franchises. Players like Trevor Lawrence and Kyle Pitts have already become household names for the league fanatics.

However, this is also a time when a team’s management and coaching staff sit down and plan their strategies for the next season. This includes releasing players who have not performed well and offering new contracts to star players. In one such case, Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has reportedly instructed his coaching staff to make Jalen Hurts the lone quarterback in his team.

Tedy Bruschi analyzes the decision of Jeffrey Lurie:

The decision of building the entire team around Jalen Hurts has not sat well with some members of the coaching staff including head coach Nick Sirianni. TV analyst and former linebacker Tedy Bruschi reported more on the matter. He said, “You gotta be very careful when going with Hurts without any competition. What you’ve told us our entire career is that you’re preaching being competitive. You’re bringing in someone else, there’s going to be competition. That is what a football locker room and success are supposed to be about. And Lurie took that away.”

Bruschi also explained the situation where he believed that power was taken away from Nick Sirianni. “You’re taking away power from your head coach,” said Bruschi. “Now as players, we hear about this. We also hear how non-football players are calling the shots. In fact, now the head coach starts to get looked at as the owner’s guy. It is a very dangerous way to conduct business. Especially if you do this publicly and it comes out.”

Upcoming NFL season to be longer:

From this season onwards, The NFL has decided to increase the number of games per team to 17. Earlier, the teams used to play only 16 games in the regular season. The new NFL season commences from 9th September in the fall. Super Bowl LVI will be played at the newly constructed SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. Home to the Los Angeles Rams.


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