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“Absolute Gun on Him for an Arm” Riddick Gives Feedback of Scouting Report of QB Trey Lance

Trey Lance

The NFL offseason is in progress at the moment. Stars like Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are enjoying their time away from the limelight and the field. However, the young collegiate football players are patiently awaiting the NFL 2021 draft. Players like Trey Lance and Trevor Lawrence have already become household names owing to fantastic performances for their alma-mater.

With the drafts fast approaching, analysts and pundits have started having discussions and debates about potential signings by teams. Football analyst Louis Riddick was spellbound when he saw North Dakota State’s Trey Lance on Pro Day. In a chat with SportsCenter, Riddick explains more about what makes Lance so good.

Louis Riddick waxes lyrical about Trey Lance:

Riddick was asked about what he saw in Trey Lance on pro day. He replied, “I’ll tell you what he showed me. first and foremost, he has got an absolute gun on him for an arm. I mean, that ball jumps out of his hand and it is cutting through the air in a hurry. And he can make all the throws that you need him to make at the next level.”

He continued, “Lance knows how to make short, intermediate, and deep throws. He also knows when to take velocity off and when to put velocity on. Trey Lance has worked really hard at improving his accuracy which has improved his footwork. He did say that he missed a few throws. Now, a lot of that may have to with the lack of familiarity with some of his wide receivers. All-in-all, he is a tremendous athlete.” 

Lance speaks on his performance on Pro Day:

Trey Lance spoke to the reporters after the proceedings were over. About his performance, he said, “It was awesome. I thought it was a pretty clean day. I missed a couple, however, it was a ton of fun. I’m super thankful for this opportunity. I felt comfortable doing everything and making all the throws.” 

Trey Lance

The 2021 NFL drafts are scheduled to be held on 29th April and will continue till 1st May. It will be held in Cleveland, Ohio. Jacksonville Jaguars will have the first pick of this year.


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