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NFL London comes to an end due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Roger Goodell states NFL London league is preparing for International games in 2021. The final decision still depends on the brawl against the coronavirus situation.

The last season’s international slate got canceled due to the four regular-season games played in London and one in Mexico. Due to the global pandemic situation, the cancellation took place last May.

A similar plan awaits for the upcoming season. However, Goodell on Thursday said he thought the games would take place in October.

The planning is all about the International Games in 2021. Everyone is working to get the plan aboard after acquiring the final reports.

Goodell conveyed, “We will have close contact with the partners in the UK and Mexico and make sure that everything happens safely. If at any stage it does not happen safely we will make that determination.”

Further, Wembley and Tottenham’s are the preferred stadiums to stage the games. But as per Goodell bringing in such a large traveling party, risking the safety, and applying protocols at the stadiums were not under the NFL London control.

Working required on the head coach diversity for NFL London

NFL London end in London

Robert Saleh has joined the New York Jets

The year’s coaching hiring cycle did not fulfill Roger Goodell, a year after he promised to upsurge variety in the role.

Only one of the group’s empty head instructing positions went to a competitor from an ethnic minority this year. The New York Jets were recruiting previous San Francisco 49ers cautious facilitator Robert Saleh.

The NFL London league exposed a plan in November to increase diversity among all the coaches and staff. Goodell did not have this in his mind, and nor did he expect this.

He added, “we want to continue to look and see what went right and what went wrong.”

The cancellation of the NFL London regular-season has happened for the first time. It was not until this year that Wembley had not hosted one regular season.

In 2021, Wembley and Tottenham stadiums are looking forward to hosting the games again. In spring 2021, the new NFL London schedule will be declared.

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