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Tom brady says he had the “Riskiest pass” in his whole season trolling Lombardi Trophy

Tom Brady

It has been nearly two weeks since Tom Brady decided to get a little crazy by throwing the Lombardi Trophy off his boat at the Buccaneers Super Bowl.

Since his drunken throw, many people have shared their feelings about this and shared their feelings. Not everyone was a fan. But we have not heard from Tom Brady himself.

Although Tom Brady had some fun on Twitter after the parade by mocking himself, he did not say anything about how he felt with the Lombardi Trophy’s toss. However, that changed when the quarterback discussed the throw for the first time on social media.

Tom Brady and his daughter’s reaction

During one of his Instagram stories, Tom posts many Instagram stories. The quarterback shared a picture where he collected the trophy and conveyed, “the riskiest pass I threw all season.”

Well, we all can agree to the fact of this being one of the riskiest passes of the season.

When one throws a pass on an NFL field, the risk is very minimal. Two things can happen, it will get intercepted or fall incomplete.

But on the other hand, when you are throwing a Lombardi Trophy during a parade, multiple things can happen. For instance, Tom Brady could have dropped the trophy on his foot, he could have thrown it in the water, or the trophy could have cracked someone’s head open.

Also, chucking a trophy across the water is a low percentage throw, especially when you are drunk.

Even Brady’s daughter thought the throw was a bad idea. There was a tweet where one can hear her yelling ‘nooooooooooo.’

Tweets for his achievements

Tom Brady throws one of the riskiest passes

Tom Brady conveys, “the riskiest pass I threw all season.” after winning the Lombardi Trophy

John Breech tweets, Tom Brady is now creating 8-bit versions of himself throwing the Lombardi Trophy. Hundred percent chance he puts this logo on a t-shirt and makes billions #SSGoat #Buccaneers.”

The story has a happy ending as Tom Brady managed to come through under pressure as usual.

Brate conveyed after the parade, “If I had dropped that? I would have had to retire. That was amazing. He pointed it at me. We talked about it earlier. It was a great throw. I mean, what do you expect from Tom Brady? A great throw.”

Brady was aware of the risk involved as there was a tweet that conveys the quarterback laughing about the situations that could have played out on the throw.

Brady conveyed, “If that hit your face, it would have been a disaster.”

But fortunately, they solved the trophy disaster.

That means Brate and Brady will be remembered for pulling off the greatest throw-and-catch of the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl parade history.


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