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Grosjean evolved “That helmet” as a sign of his victorious excitement during Indycar driving test !

Romain Grosjean

“I’m so happy to finally wear it. It means much more than I could even imagine when it was created at home early November. Sacha, Simon & Camille will be with me more than ever”. Romain Grosjean tweeted after feeling jubilated on wearing the helmet designed by his kids on his first day with the Indy Car test.

We must mention that his kids designed the helmet for his final Formula 1 race. The unique helmet was put to show during last year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. We must also note that Grosjean got forced out of the event due to hand injuries picked up during the Bahrain crash.

This is the most beautiful Helmet I could ever imagine: Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean's helmet designed by his kidsRomain Grosjean's helmet designed by his kids

Romain Grosjean’s helmet designed by his kids

The helmet sports some magnificent creativity and imagination expressed in vibrant colors and drawings by his kids. Still, the former Haas driver regrets never wearing this masterpiece during any of his F1 races.

In another tweet dated back to December, Grosjean said: “This is the most beautiful helmet I could ever imagine. Sacha, Simon & Camille created it for my last F1 race in Abu Dhabi. I will try to give it a ride in the future as it’s far too beautiful to stay at home unused!”

The statement came after his confirmation of racing in IndyCar for 2021. Grosjean also confirmed for using the helmet in his next outing as an Indycar driver.

“Yes, I’m going to drive that helmet for the first test for sure, and maybe even the first race of the season,” Grosjean explained.

I’m just updating the sponsors, hiding the Haas logo, and putting the Dale Coyne logos on. But yes I’m going to race that helmet. That means a lot to me.“, he further added.

There’s a lot to be done outside of F1 and I’m more than ready for it- Grosjean

As he tests drives for IndyCar, it is his first feel of the cockpit after that fiery clash at Bahrain last November. The crash made him suffer a hand injury while further forcing him out of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The hand seems to be recovered fully now, and Grosjean also didn’t show any other harsh impact of the injury.” I see life a bit different, but you always tend to go back to who you were,” he explained.

Even though there is going to be a scar on my hand and a [mental] scar on my brain, it’s not a negative scar on my brain. I think it’s very positive. It’s more like an understanding of how life goes, and how quickly it can go away. And I think I’m happy to be alive” Grosjean continued.

“I’m happy to spend time with my kids. I’m happy to be able to decide what I want to go racing. And I think that’s been the big one, you know. When you are in F1, you really try to stay in F1, almost at any cost, and now I realize that. It was great and I wouldn’t change anything in my career” Grosjean further added.

It will be interesting to see how Romain Grojean adapts to this whole new world of IndyCar. Regardless of all the challenges, the Frenchman looks up and running with the blessings and wishes of his family and fans.

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