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Aston Martin cannot afford “any power units and gearboxes to equip an old car” to let Sebastian Vettel Triumph over the F1 championship

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel, the 33-years-old, quadruple F1 World Champion, is all set to start fresh with Aston Martin. He is excited about the new project, looking forward to acing more races.

Aston Martin team principal Otmar Szafnauer believes Vettel has all the qualities of being a World Champion. Subsequently, Otmar is going to provide Vettel all the support he needs because, as per Otmar, his input will show positive changes. As a result, not only Aston Martin will grow, but Vettel will be back on the winning track.

Sebastian Vettel and Otmar Szafnauer

Sebastian Vettel and Otmar Szafnauer

Hungry for new challenges

Otmar confirms Vettel is familiarising and is adding his inputs to lift the team. Talking to the engineers gave him the assurance that they will give him exactly what he needs to get his best performance in the circuit.

As Otmar conveys that, the 33-year-old German is all about questions and is eager to know about the cockpit he is going to drive. Hence, the team principal Otmar is very pleased about having him on his team.

Vettel on hold to try his new car

Sebastian did not get the opportunity to try his new car yet. Subsequently, he would have to wait till the winter tests in Bahrain. However, irrespective of that, he went for a seat test and to drive the stimulator in the Silverstone headquarters. According to the FIA regulations terms and conditions, the tests can take place using cars that are at least two seasons older.

“Being a customer team, we don’t have power units and gearboxes available to equip an old car and go on track, because we have them under lease and we must return them to the supplier company at the end of the season” Otmar Szafnauer told during an interview with the German newspaper Auto Motor and Sports.

New teammate, a new journey

Vettel’s immediate competition will be to beat his new teammate, Lance Stroll. The 22-year-old three-time podium finisher is entering his third season in the team his father owns. Otmar believes Vettel and Stroll can develop a great partnership.

Seb is very experienced but not over the hill by any means at the age of 33. Lance is much younger and on the learning curve but naturally very fast. So, I think that combination will suit us very well,” Otmar Szafnauer remarked.

Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll

Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll.

Vettel is far more experienced than Stroll in Formula 1. Further, it is an opportunity for Stroll to learn from him. Together they can build a powerful team to witness the checkered flag.


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