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New England Patriots’ Reaction to Free Agency Is Very ‘Unpatriot-Like’

The New England Patriots

The NFL offseason has been underway ever since the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl in February. Players use this time to be away from the limelight and tend to the injuries they suffered during the season. However, the offseason is also filled with the NFL Free Agency and the NFL Drafts, which makes this time quite interesting for the franchises and their management.

The 2021 NFL free agency commenced this evening. All the teams looked forward to signing players that will strengthen their squads. The New England Patriots spent the most in the first few hours. This move by the Patriots caught many critics off guard. TV analyst Adam Schefter explains the reasoning behind this decision.

Adam Schefter labeled this different approach to free agency as something very “un-patriot like“. He also stated that the Patriots have spent more money today than they have in any other year.

Schefter analyzes the free agency picks for the New England Patriots

In a chat with ESPN about the ongoing free agency, Adam Schefter talked about the Patriots and their approach. He said, “This is a team that recognized that they had specific needs and holes to address. The tight-end position, the interior part of the defense, and the secondary. I don’t think that they’re done spending money just yet.” 

He continued, “I think they will continue to be in the market looking for other players they can bring to New England. This is a proud franchise that did not make the playoffs last year. They went in today and literally paid for it. This does not include the resigning of Cam Newton. So the Patriots have been very active and rightly so.” 

From winning the Super Bowl in 2019 to not even qualifying for the playoffs in 2019. It has been a tough time for “The Pats”. One of the major reasons for this can be the departure of veteran quarterback Tom Brady. With him on board, the Patriots won five Super Bowls and quickly rose to one of the strongest teams in the league.

Now, with these new signings, Bill Belichick and his men will look forward to finding their form this upcoming season.

The new season commences from 9th September in the fall. Super Bowl LVI will be played in the newly constructed SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California on 22nd February 2022.



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