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NBA Trades: 3 Players to Not Play for Bucks in Next Season

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We all know that this year’s NBA championship was quite enthralling for us. From the unfortunate departure of Kobe to COVID-19 pandemic, it was a hell of a ride. Now that the Lakers have won the championship, it’s time for offseason NBA trade for upcoming 2020-21 games

Milwaukee Bucks, who have dominated Eastern Conference regular seasons for the last two years, is one of the teams that are under the spotlight for the NBA trade for the upcoming season. They couldn’t win the Finals, so there is a pressure on the management to form a strategy that delivers victory. 

Another thing the Bucks have to face is keeping Giannis Antetokounmpo from using his free agency. They are looking forward to signing a prominent player in the team that will support Giannis to up their performance. 

NBA Trade: Top 3 Players to Drop by Milwaukee Bucks

There are rumours in the industry that they are looking for players like Jrue Holiday and Chris Paul, that means they will have to empty their pockets for signing such a huge deal. So who is going to stay and leave for the upcoming season? In this article, we are discussing the top 3 players who are highly unlikely to return for the 2021 season for the Bucks.

#1 Eric Bledsoe – Top NBA Player of Bucks

Eric Bledsoe, NBA Player

The Milwaukee Bucks have three best players: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe. Eric is the first player from the Bucks who are likely not returning next season. He has an impressive record of making 15 points in almost 30 minutes every game.

However, since they are considering signing a big star player, Bledsoe can be the biggest trade asset to make that deal happen. As per the rumours, he will be their biggest trade offering to other teams this year. To make room for an expensive star means they have to remove the burden of the $17.5 million salary of Bledsoe. 

#2 Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez, a former player of Chicago Bulls, was signed by Bucks in 2019 but he wasn’t able to deliver what was expected of him. He averaged 5.4 points with 2.4 rebounds during this season. He had no impact during the NBA Playoffs.  

Given that he’s been paid a $5 million salary by them, he won’t be around next season. Bucks have to manage the budget to bring in a big star and paying for him means letting go of Robin Lopez by letting him enter free agency. 

#3 Donte DiVincenzo

Donte DiVincenzo

The Bucks signed Donte during the 2018 NBA Draft. Since then he’s been showing impressive improvements in his game, that too in every category. But as we said Bucks are looking for a big name to bring in, and that means they have to trade some of their fancy assets with other teams. 

Donte might become one of those players who will have to leave the Bucks to make space for someone. Since he is a newcomer and has quite a long way to go, he will surely be grabbed by other teams. 

Finally, what do you think about the above players? Do you think some of the players should be traded or not? Drop the comments to let us know. Follow our site for regular NBA updates and news. If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with others. 


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